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Hey Carolina Speed! Hope you have been doing well!

Just made a new 2024 RB thread...let me know what you think!

STANFORD question....??

LB Tristian Sinclair ...MIXED??
DT Tobin Phillips ...MIXED?? Sister plays water polo at UCLA almost looks poly

Not sure to include them as white or not??
Just a head's up. I already did Boise State didn't see it on list.

Thanks for all of your hard work!
Hey Jaxvid, thanks for being the only source of reason previously in this thread. I had to come back after seeing this stuff as it makes the site look bad. "Oh, white athletes being discriminated against? Oh crap, these guys are Flat Earthers! No need to listen to then, they're crazy!" I'm trying my best to be respectful but to make it obvious that it is crap. Step 1, no map.
Thanks for the sextant post. That's another one of the nonsensical FE things that are posted out there that WL eats up on his garbage odysee site and others.
Thank you! Stop by the boxing forum sometime and say hello. I hope Don gets better quickly. I met him, rather saw him speak, years ago.