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    NFL News, Rumors and Musings

    Zach Zenner cut by Miami.
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    Black QBs in the NFL

    The Crawfords signed Vick today for 1 year.
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    Toby Gerhart

    Its hard for me to overstate how much I want to see Toby and Danny Woodhead continue to succeed in the NFL, along with white newcomers Zach Zenner, Tyler Varga and others. For me hardly anything else matters. I used to watch games just to see Toby, Danny, Peyton Hillis, Brian Leonard and Jacob...
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    2015 Utah Utes

    Well, Utah must certainly be a hotbed of black athletes, considering there are soooo many blacks in the state. I can only imagine what importing these blacks (not to mention their homies who tag along with them) into formerly white college towns does to the crime rate. Isn't this Whitingham the...
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    Black QBs in the NFL

    Hey, we still have "sCam", "Toucan" and "Gremlin" to throw about, along with whatever "Jameis" morphs into...
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    Danny Woodhead

    Danny has always been a "surprise" during offseason workouts and the pre-season, first with the Jets, then the Pats, now with the Bolts.
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    Peyton Hillis

    What's up with Hillis? Is he still with the Giants?
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    How the U.S. Military is Paying NFL Teams Millions to “Honor the Troopsâ€￾ at Sporting Events

    Some thoughts of the irony of: 1) White soldiers so enthusiastically running onto the field with flags all a'snapping, when its white men who the NFL and the USA are furiously in the process of displacing. 2) "Fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here" How's this working out...
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    I've been an avid reader since 2010, but don't write much here. Missed the site during the Super Bowl and combine. Contributed $60 just before the site went down. Glad to see the site back.
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    Danny Woodhead

    Danny getting some props for next season, with the prospect of losing Ryan Mathews, and Donald Brown being an admitted bust: "The smartest thing for the Chargers to do to try and rehabilitate their...
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    NFL 2014 Week 14

    Here's another non-football person's take on what it takes to be an NFL QB and what blacks don't have it.
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    2014 College Football Season Week 14

    Was I correct in thinking I saw a white tailback (#20) running for Michigan?
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    2014 College Football Season Week 14

    Here's an answer:
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    2014 Washington Redskins

    Not only true, but hilariously said as well.
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    Peyton Hillis

    Giants retain Hillis with a new 2-year deal. Good news.