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    yeah, Maclin showed flashes early on, but never progressed further, he and Eddie Royal were supposed to be the newest things (now he really fell off). He is a guy thats going to get around 800 yards most years, which is above average for a number 2 receiver imo (not in fantasy terms but regular football terms), Cooper is on a whole different level. He always had the potential, right now he is living up to it, lets just hope he continues to, last time he filled in he averaged 70 yards per start, which is over 1k for a 16 game season, he is doing much better than that.

    who cares what rotoworld has to say, their bias is so ridiculous I don't even have words to describe it, hes my number 1 receiver now and I have been holding on to him in a few leagues where I was able to grab him.

    Jordy was my number 1 receiver, but I guess he is number 2 now, because he has been putting up less than Cooper. Its hasn't been as exciting (although more of a challenge) with pretty much EVERY White player being taken in the caste leagues (was able to grab Kuechly and Alsono back to back drafts), so I joined a yahoo one, their first year doing idp. Winning has been easy with an all White team. I had to use a black player one week only. You only need one rb, then a wr/te and rb/wr/te which makes it easy on offense.
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    New England

    Honestly, I don't care if some black football player is a "good guy" or not. I honestly have a similar indifference toward the "morality" of the white football players I root for (except to the extent a perception of their morality effects their ability to effectively collaborate with their teammates).

    Vick strikes me as guy that has an intelligence slightly higher than the average black (belying his dark complection) but too low to be an effective QB in the NFL. This intelligence combined with even lower IQ ghetto influences accounts for his earlier behavior.

    While its a waste of time to be holier than thou church ladies regarding the obvious misbehavior of blacks (especially knowing its genetic root), it similarly is a waste of time patting the heads of these mental children as "good and reformed Christians."

    Even if the "morality" of professional football players is of interest to us, we shouldn't be praising normal human behavior as extraordinary. Vick's sticking up for Cooper was self-serving (as is, arguably, all moral behavior) and showy.

    He knew he was on a stage. Give a black a stage and he knows enough about white morality and the mentally diseased desire for whites to want blacks to be "good like them" that he can press all the right buttons. And in "dramatic" fashion. Which is obvious, based on the reaction here. What a black does off the stage (again if we are interested in them morally) is the more important question.

    Remember Vick has to first appease his white coaches and show them he can "bring a team together" so that he holds on to a qb job. That other black knew he was in the wrong going after Cooper as did everyone else. It was the obvious thing for Vick to do as the wannabe leader of the team.
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    There's no doubt that I see him as better than Maclin already. Actually, his upside indicates that he may be another A.J Greene or Jordy type as he has good speed in the high 4.4s- 4.5 w/ size, runs good routes, has burst and agility, uses his body to shield the defender, is great on jump balls and in the red-zone, and is physical with good hands.

    One of the things I try to do in my posts is treat the word "upside" the same way with white players as black ones for lurkers to know I also look at track record. Even though in Cooper's case to me it's becoming obvious he's the real deal, from scouting him a lot, I want lurkers to know my scouting is never a "hunch". Cooper has finally gotten a legit chance with a QB who knows how to utilize him. However, it's only been 4 and 1 quarter of games with Foles so far. At the end of the season it won't be "upside" any more, but will be a blatant statistical case/ resume that he's an ELITE WR. I try to specifically use the word "upside" the same for blacks and whites for any lurkers.

    Unfortunately with the owners, some players, and certainly the media, political agenda/funding, and DWFs false beliefs- it's going to be hard for Kelly to make the proper decision with a player who has been attacked unfairly the way Cooper has as a racist party animal and start him over Maclin. It would actually be easier for Kelly to draft Cam McDaniel late for instance and utilize him in the Bryce Brown role and then start him if McCoy leaves via free agency. We know Kelly really likes Maehl b/c he asked to trade for him and he was one of his star players at Oregon-so he may promote him to slot WR. I don't see the Eagles resigning Cooper unless they trade Maclin. I think by the end of the year he will have done enough to get a starting job as a #1 or #2 WR elsewhere. Even for the NFL, the way Cooper's playing, I think he's got a good chance to become a star for the next 10 years or more- just not with the Eagles.
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    I think its safe to say that cooper can become a big play receiver like jordy. Jordy and cooper are still considered possesion receivers by dwfs, but the numbers dont reflect that. It might take some time but the media wont be able to deny the likes of jordy and riley to be denied their recognition because the numbers show they ARE deep threats.
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    This budding master of doublespeak and stupidity must be striving to be hired by Weenieworld:

    by Matthew Shovlin

    When analyzing Riley Cooper's measurables, there is not a whole lot to like about him. He does not explode off the line of scrimmage, his long speed is nothing more than average, he is not quick in his route running, and though he possesses nice size, he posted the lowest vertical jump among wide receivers at the 2010 NFL combine.

    Over Cooper's first three seasons in the league, he performed just how one would have expected - not very well. Through his first 40 games (ten of which were starts), Cooper compiled just 46 catches for 679 yards and five touchdowns - that's an average of 15.3 catches for 226.3 yards per season.

    The 2013 season started with more of the same from Cooper. Through the first five games, Cooper never topped two catches or 29 yards. After quarterback Michael Vick injured his hamstring in Week 5, however, Nick Foles entered the mix and things turned around quickly for Cooper.

    Cooper went off in his first game with Foles under center, catching four passes for 120 yards and a touchdown. He had a solid game the next week, but then Foles went down with a concussion. A gimpy Vick took over the starting quarterback job in Week 8, and Cooper regressed back to a two catch, 13 yard showing. Foles returned the following week, however, and Cooper has been putting up monster numbers ever since, the most recent line being 3/102/2 against the Green Bay Packers.

    In the four games started by Foles this season, Cooper is now averaging a massive line of 4.5 catches for 112.3 yards and has scored six touchdowns. In six games with Vick behind center, Cooper has put up pathetic 1.7 catch, 17.7 yard averages with just a single touchdown. [This reflexive DWF is incapable of making basic connections.]

    Cooper is not a particularly impressive wide receiver. Aside from having the ability to go up and fight for a 50-50 ball, Cooper does not offer many useful traits. For whatever reason, however, it is clear that Foles is constantly on the same page as Cooper and has a ton of faith in him. [It can't be because Cooper is really good, can it?]

    What is interesting is that Foles does not target Cooper that much more often than Vick did. Cooper averaged 4.0 targets per game with Vick as the starter, while Foles throws to Cooper 5.75 times per game. Foles simply is somehow better at getting the ball into Cooper's hands.

    Cooper can be relied on as a solid fantasy receiver while Foles has the starting job (which, barring injury, he will likely keep). If Vick ends up regaining the starting gig, stick Cooper on your bench or even consider dropping him if you need the roster space. The 26-year-old pass catcher's greatest asset is his chemistry with Foles, so he can't be relied on with a different quarterback behind center.

    One more fun, pretty useless Foles/Vick/Cooper statistic: Cooper has seven yards after the catch in six games started by Vick, 163 yards after the catch in four games started by Foles.
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    That article is manipulation (which many DWFs fall for) by a Marxist with an agenda. His 40 time on NFLdraftscout is listed at 4.53, but he has an ELITE drive phase in the last 10 yards.

    A newspaper article had Cooper one step behind track star Jeff Demps who has world class speed in 60 yard races when teammates used to race at Florida. He was the second fastest guy in longer races on that Florida team. 33 inches is a bit below average jump for a WR, but he is tall and extends well. Cooper ran faster times coming out of high school and in college in the 40 than he did at the higher pressure (for any white skill player) combine.

    This racist writer also fails to mention that Cooper DIDN'T RUN the short shuttle or 3-cone drills at the NFL combine, but did at his Pro Day. 4.15 in the shuttle and 6.73 in the cone drill are above average numbers for an NFL WR, especially one his size! He is purposely lying by omission.
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    I mean Kevin Love jumped as high at the NBA combine as Black Griffin, but anyone watching Griffin can see he jumps better off the run horizontally and probably had about the worst performance he could have in the two step jump and standing jump where Love was close to his max potential. Still Love is a better basketball player than Griffin right now and is still an above average athlete for the NBA. There are plenty of drills you have to look at to test athleticism- and production (when given a legit opportunity) and game film reviews are more important in scouting.
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    Sep 30, 2004
    Cooper glad his speed is finally being respected

    by Reuben Frank

    Riley Cooper is not a burner. That’s putting it mildly.

    Cooper ran 4.53 at the 2010 NFL scouting combine, which ranked him 21st out of 35 wide receivers who ran the 40-yard dash that February day at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

    That helps explain why despite terrific hands and very good size -- Cooper stands 6-foot-3, 222 pounds -- Cooper wasn’t drafted until the middle of the fifth round, when the Eagles took him with the 159th pick.

    Cooper was the 19th wide receiver taken in the 2010 draft, and the 4.53 is one of the main reasons.

    For a linebacker, that’s fast.

    For a receiver, it’s slow.

    In fact, since 1999 -- the span of 15 drafts -- Cooper’s 4.53 ranks in the 31st percentile among all wide receivers who ran the 40 at the combine.

    According to data collected by NFL Combine Results, Cooper’s 4.53 was tied for 312th out of 450 wide receivers that ran the 40 from 1999 through 2013.

    So, with all that said, here’s the reality:

    Fourteen weeks into the 2013 season, Cooper leads the NFC with 19.3 yards per catch and ranks second only to Josh Gordon in the entire NFL in yards per reception. The explosive Gordon is averaging 19.7 for the Browns.

    Cooper is also fifth in the NFL with six receptions of 40 yards or more, just two fewer than Gordon and one fewer than DeSean Jackson.

    Cooper can’t run like Calvin Johnson, Mike Wallace or Santana Moss, who all were timed in 4.35 seconds or better at the combine, but he’s somehow got a higher average and more long receptions than any of them.

    All of which proves one thing: Speed isn’t the only factor when it comes to making big plays.

    It may not even be the biggest factor.

    “Speed isn't the [biggest] factor, because if it was, then the fastest guy in the NFL would catch the most deep balls,â€￾ head coach Chip Kelly said. “It's not that. There's a lot more to it.

    “This isn't a track meet. It's who has the ability. ... There's a lot of fast guys that run down the field, but when the ball is not thrown directly to them, they can't adjust to it. They are straight‑line guys that can't veer off course.

    “I think the ability to adjust to the ball and the ability to understand leverage of the defensive player and the ability Riley has of being big enough not to get knocked off-track, when obviously the defensive player knows where the ball is going ... is a huge component to it. It’s more than just the speed factor.â€￾

    Cooper points out that he averaged 18.8 yards on 51 catches as a senior at Florida, second-best in the SEC behind Joe Adams of Arkansas, and he led the Eagles with 19.7 yards per catch in 2011.

    Among all Eagles with 75 or more catches, Cooper’s seventh all-time with 16.8 yards per catch, and he’s also eighth-highest among active NFL players.

    “I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, I’m just glad it’s kind of coming to light that Riley can run,â€￾ he said.

    “I see the ball in the air, I just think it’s mine, it’s mine, and I’m going to do everything I can to go get it. I think my baseball background helps me make adjustments on the ball more than a guy maybe with straight go-get-it type speed, but for whatever reason, luckily, I can adjust to balls in the air.

    Cooper, a one-time draft pick of the Phillies, has been one of the big surprises of the season for the Eagles, who are in first place and take an 8-5 record and five-game winning streak into Minneapolis this weekend.

    He’s 37 for 714 with seven touchdowns overall, but in Nick Foles’ seven starts, he’s got 27 receptions for 608 yards and six touchdowns.

    Pro-rated over a full season with Foles at quarterback, Cooper would have 61 catches for 1,389 yards and 13 touchdowns.

    All this from a guy who had 46 catches for 679 yards and five touchdowns in his first three NFL seasons.

    Cooper had two catches of at least 40 yards in his first 3½ NFL seasons, both on passes from Vince Young back in 2011.

    He has six in the last eight weeks.

    Even though Cooper started six games with Michael Vick at quarterback, 13 of Cooper’s 15 longest receptions this year have come from Foles. The other two were from Matt Barkley.

    Since Week 6, Cooper actually has the sixth-most receiving yards in the NFL.

    During that same eight-game span, Cooper is fourth in the NFL with 12 receptions of 20-plus yards and third with seven catches of 30 yards or more.

    It’s all about the big plays, big catches.

    None was bigger than his acrobatic, tumbling 44-yard catch Sunday that finally kick-started the Eagles in their 34-20 win over the Lions.

    Like many of his big plays, speed wasn’t the key. Working a defensive back and adjusting to the ball were.

    “One of the things that Riley is, and got a great background in baseball, he does a great job of tracking the ball while it's in the air,â€￾ Kelly said. “I think a lot of it is he has some background in being an outfielder.

    “That catch he made on the post route [Sunday], he just did a great job at tracking the ball, and he's very, very good at tracking deep balls.

    “When you watch him every day in practice, you can see him, he can adjust to the thrown ball, and it's not an easy thing.

    “Sometimes it's got to be a great pass by the quarterback for it to be a successful play. I think with Riley, you can miss him a little bit, but because of his ability to adjust to the thrown ball in the air, it's really one of his strengths and it's what I think really separates him from other people.â€￾

    The Eagles have had a lot of unlikely stars this year, most notably Foles.

    But Cooper might be a close second.

    Who expected any of this from the former fifth-round pick?

    “You’ve got to give you a lot of credit to your quarterback,â€￾ Cooper said. “Quarterback putting the ball right where it needs to be and you both just being on the same page and having great chemistry.

    “Really all I’m doing is running the route, and [Foles is] doing all the rest. Throwing you open (throwing the ball in a way that gets the WR open) if you’re not. He’s doing a great job.â€￾
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    Feb 17, 2008
    wow, can you degrade a guy even more while attempting to praise him?

    Riley has speed, I saw him keep up with Jeff Demps on returns at Florida. He doesn't just have 40 yard speed, he has 100 yard dash speed. Elite.

    instead of comparing his numbers to wide receivers that ran at the combine, how about comparing to wide receivers in the NFL. 4.53 is not linebacker speed. The average linebacker speed is like 4.7/4.8. 4.53 is about the average wide receiver speed, but he plays much faster than that. He is faster than Maclin, but more physical, and bigger.
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    Oct 12, 2008
    Yeah, the guy spent 5 paragraphs talking about how slow Riley Cooper runs before he gave him credit. It's like solving the riddle of the sphinx: how does the white guy burn the black dbs? 4.5 is very fast for a receiver with Cooper's size...and he has great ball skills. That's what should have been written.
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    Oct 21, 2012
    The anti-whites always find a way to diminish white players. If they're forced to say something good about white players they always include something negative.

    The article is a variation on the "He's not the fastest" or He's not the most athletic" comments that are endlessly made about white athletes.
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    Oct 16, 2004
    I'm glad to see Riley Cooper getting some praise even if it's double speak. There probably isn't a player around that the media hates more than Cooper. Tebow would come to mind but he is out of the league for now so it has to kill the media to write anything nice about Riley. Stats don't lie and the kid can play. What an incredible season he is having and all of this despite what happened at the begging of the year with the incident at the concert. He is not only physically tough but equally mentally tough. I hope Riley and the Eagles continue their climb towards one of the top 5 team in the nfl.
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    Jun 30, 2012
    Looking at their 40 times from the combine (different years), if Cooper and A.J. Green had run side by side, a casual observer would have had a tough time telling who won. .05 seconds between them. Cooper was 11 lbs. heavier. Wearing pads could make .05 worth of difference.
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    Much of this article could have been written at CasteFootball. As we have been saying all along straight line speed is a poor indicator of future NFL success. Unfortunately it is the way the NFL operates. What the NFL does is draft the fastest guys and then spend 5 years culling out the ones that can't run good patterns, can't get open, can't track passes, and can't catch. After that the few that are left are sometimes pretty good. But it's the inefficiency of the process along with the racism of it that is crazy.

    Why not instead draft the guys that can catch, can get open, can track the ball and root out the ones from that group don't play well. If that was the case then guys like Mike Haas, John Standeford, Blair White, Jordan Shipley, would be in the league.

    Fortunately even the NFL's inefficient and racist method of selecting receivers has lead to an uptick in White receivers as teams are forced to add guys that can play the position. There may be the highest number in 30 years of White wide outs. Decker, Nelson, Cooper, are starring, Durham, Hartline, are starters. Kevin Walters should return to a starting position when he gets back. Of course there is also Edelman, Amendola, Welker, and Danny Woodhead is the leading pass catching running back.

    Looks like using the 40 times to pick receivers is stupid. (not that there aren't some fast White guys in that group)
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    I find some of the claims in that article suspicious. This site says that the average 40 time for a WR in the last 5 years was 4.55. That sounds accurate from the combine data I've seen. 4.53 from a 6'3 220 pound receiver is very good considering his size.

    Besides, the reliance on 40 times is the dumbest thing in scouting/drafting. There are dozens of variables that make a great player. You'd think guys that get paid a ton to make good draft decisions would have a more thorough way of picking players than their 40 time. (perhaps I'm overestimating the intelligence of these people)
  16. sport historian

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    Dec 18, 2004
    On the NFL Network's A Football Life, it was reported that Tom Coughlin carried around a stopwatch everywhere he went. One of Coughlin's favorite pastimes was going to a Combine and timing the players.
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    Sep 30, 2004
    Cooper beats defensive backs with relative ease, so he is obviously faster than many of them. A lot of big White receivers dominate backfields when "allowed" to showcase their skills. Patrick Jeffers and Drew Bennett were unstoppable in their one season of greatness, Eric Decker and Jordy Nelson get open deep almost whenever they want. There are big and fast White receivers at small colleges who could play in the NFL who get screwed over every year. The NFL would be filled with big and fast White men at receiver and tight end if it wasn't for the Caste System. As it is, there are more now than there's been in a long time.
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Cooper has definitely has elite straight line speed, 40 yard dash just not a good measure. Its not just his 40 yard speed, he has 100 yard speed. Some guys can go 40 yards fast but slow down after that, Cooper is just as fast at 40 as he is at 70, same thing with Jordy Nelson (who has the 100 meter dash to back that up)

    Top performers NFL combine 40 yard dash
    Chad Jackson UF, 4.32
    Willie Reid FSU 4.34
    Devin Aramashodu Auburn 4.35
    Sinorice Moss 4.38
    Todd Watkins 4.4
    Jeff Webb 4.4
    Jonathan Orr 4.41
    Derek Hagan 4.42
    Adam Jennings 4.42
    Skyler Green 4.44
    Ben Obamanu 4.45
    William Blackmon 4.46
    Miles Austin 4.47

    Yamon Figurs 4.3
    Jason Hill 4.32
    Calvin Johnson 4.35
    Mike Walker 4.35
    David Clowney 4.36
    Laurent Robinson 4.38
    Aundrae Allison 4.39
    Robert Meachem 4.39
    Mike Mason 4.40
    Steve Breaston 4.41
    Legedu Naanee 4.41
    Chandler Williams 4.42
    Anthony Gonzalez 4.44
    Steve Smith 4.44
    Jonathan Holland 4.45

    Desean Jackson 4.35
    Andre Caldwell 4.37
    Will Franklin 4.37
    Dexter Jackson 4.37
    Eddie Royal 4.39
    Devin Thomas 4.4
    Arman Shields 4.44
    Brandon Breazell 4.47
    Jerome Simpson 4.47
    Earl Bennett 4.48
    Pierre Garcon 4.48

    Darrius Heyward Bey 4.3
    Mike Wallace 4.33
    Johnny Knox 4.34
    Deon Butler 4.38
    Mike Thomas 4.4
    Percy Harvin 4.41
    Tiquan Underwood 4.41
    Demetrius Byrd 4.42
    Louis Murphy 4.43
    Kenny McKinley 4.44
    Kevin Ogletree 4.46
    Dominique Edison 4.47
    Jeremy Maclin 4.48
    Marko Mitchell 4.49
    Lydell Sargeant 4.5

    Jacoby Ford 4.28
    Taylor Price 4.41
    Emmanuel Sanders 4.41
    Golden Tate 4.42
    Brandon Banks 4.43
    Kyle Williams 4.43
    Marcus Easley 4.46
    Scott Long 4.46
    Andre Roberts 4.46
    Carlton Mitchell 4.49

    Edmond Gates 4.37
    Ricardo Lockette 4.37
    Julio Jones 4.39
    Leonard Hankerson 4.43
    Aldrick Robinson 4.43
    Torrey Smith 4.43
    Joe Morgan 4.44
    Denarius Moore 4.45
    Randall Cobb 4.46
    Jerrel Jernigan 4.46
    Jonathan Baldwin 4.5
    A.J Green 4.5
    Jamar Newsom 4.51
    Niles Paul 4.51

    Travis Benjamin 4.36
    Stephen Hill 4.36
    Chris Owusu 4.36
    A.J. Jenkins 4.39
    Devon Wylie 4.39
    Tommy Streeter 4.4
    Chris Givens 4.41
    TJ Graham 4.41
    Kashif Moore 4.42
    Jarius Wright 4.42
    Keshawn Martin 4.45
    Marvin Jones 4.46
    Michael Floyd 4.47
    Lavon Brazill 4.48
    Danny Coale 4.5

    How many names on there are top receivers? or even above average, or have you even heard of? Thats why the author should have compared his 40 time to receivers actually doing something in the league. Miles Austin was something until injuries, 4.47 (not far off from Cooper's time), there are multiple years where a 4.5 is in the top, with AJ Green in there.

    I got tired of typing in the schools but did with the first few to show that these just aren't some obscure guys from small schools that are extremely raw. Some of the guys on there that are recognizable are more of one trick ponies like Wallace, Meachem (and he isnt even good, just deserves double coverage running deep sometimes, drops a lot that hit him right in the hands, not even adjusting for the ball, perfectly placed), Torrey Smith.

    Left out this year because hard to tell from a rookie year, but we had Ryan Swope sub 4.4 and Ryan Spadola at 4.48. Jordy Nelson barely missed it in 2008 with a 4.49, behind Pierre Garcon with a 4.48. Other years he would have been on the top, although Jordy's 40 has been changed on nfldraftscout to 4.51
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    Suffolk County, NY
    Yesterday, ESPN published a piece on Riley Cooper showing how he and the team have moved forward since the infamous "N*gger-gate". The piece written by Elizabeth Merrill, who I have never heard of, is fair and as unbiased as anything I have seen from ESPN on the issue. Maybe they realized they pushed to far on the race stuff so they are trying to make "amends"? It also, gives some background on Riley's background and family that I didn't know. Well worth the read.

    They also captured an interesting quote from Jason Avant, which backs up what we have been saying here for years.

    The comment section is pretty favorable too.
  20. wile

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    Sep 29, 2011
    I could only see a few of the comments from FacePlant but we sure should feel good about what we are writing about because the few I read sounded like they would have come from here or BUGs instead of DWF central.
  21. Thrashen

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Nice find, as usual.

    Back in July, Avant was probably the first Eagles player to come to Cooper’s defense in the days following “N-word gate.” I remember a locker room interview in which Avant stated that Cooper is his one of his “best friends” on the team and that he fully forgives him. From an August 1[SUP]st[/SUP] interview…

    Despite his lack of vertical speed, Avant is a very nice slot receiver capable of making acrobatic plays and some great one-handed catches. Of course, he’s also a high character player, never complaining about his lack of touches in favor of Cooper, Maclin, and Jackson. He and Vick will also warrant recognition for how they responded to this MSM-contrived “controversy.”

    Avant also seems to have pride in himself, as he has a black wife…
    CAPTION: Avant with Wife, Stacy (far left)

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    Oct 9, 2013

  23. dwid

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    Feb 17, 2008
    If there were a drinking game for every time Riley Cooper's incident were mentioned it would make someone an alcoholic. Looking up highlight videos today, the "ni*g*r video is the first and 3rd thing to show up

    Here is Riley showing how he beats dbs with ease. Damn he should have went over 1k this year
  24. dwid

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    Feb 17, 2008
    has any player actually been timed in the 40 WITH pads on? at 42 seconds he runs in a straight line with no interference or having to slow down or fighting with dbs for 36 yards, in exactly 4 seconds, which would be 4.44 seconds in 40 yards which is amazing. I had to slow it down to see when exactly he gets the ball and when exactly it went it changed seconds and what yard line he was at and the exact second it was 36 yards, then he slows down just a little bit to decide what he is going to do because there is a safety over the top with a good angle, well the play is at 42 seconds, i timed it at 44 seconds

    DeSean Jackson is fast but I don't think he would run that fast with pads on, combine that with Cooper's size, agility etc. obviously the better receiver.
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    Jul 30, 2006
    Sounds like Philly is going to let Cooper test free agency and resign the oft-injured brittle Maclin :frusty:

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