Riley Cooper


Jan 27, 2016
Cooper is probably done. Kelly won't want him. He didn't use him when he had him. Only Belichick would have the balls to pick up a white guy that once uttered the magic word of death. Riley would be awesome on the Pats but it probably won't happen.


Hall of Famer
Mar 18, 2007
New Jersey
Cooper is as good as done. No team will give a "racist" another chance. He was purposely phased out of the offense to show the DWF's what an "overrated" player he really was.
Feb 11, 2016
By the way, "Twinkle Toes" is very likely our longtime, Pro-Israel troll, who uses many screen names and loves to post extremely positive things about white, 3rd string Division I cornerbacks and running backs, little known white speedsters at D-III schools and anonymous high school kids no one cares about (and have zero chance of playing in the NFL)....However, he also really loves to come here and bash (albeit subtly) any white that starts to garner any sort of success in the NFL at "Caste positions" -- Gerhart, Cooper, Decker, ect.

By the way, until the media overblown incident with Cooper happened last summer, I figured he was just another dumb wigger from the deep South, as I had really never heard him talk. But after seeing him interviewed several weeks after the incident occurred, he seemed pretty intelligent and appeared to be of sound mind. Barring any "questionable tape recordings" of his private conversations, I seriously doubt he "implodes". Although I'm sure at least one long-time CF poster (who's used many different names) hopes he does.

What is wrong with being pro Israeli. They aren't all bad. I am also pro Palestinian. Though they should stick to military targets and not women and children.


Yeah Cooper's career in the NFL is over. He could have easily played for another 5 years. On the bright side he did sign a decent contract for White player's standards a couple years ago (5/25 mil/8-10 mil guaranteed). He's made more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life.