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    2011 U.S. Open

    Sally Jenkins, the Washington Post columnist said (the quote may not be exact): "it's nice to have a golfing hero who doesn't view the world as his personal spitoon"
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    White Jazz

    Yes, this needs to be brought out. Also, the early white contribution to the blues as well--Jimmie Rodgers comes to mind. ("Gimme a T for Texas, a T for Tennessee")
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    English Leagues - Promotion Playoffs 2011

    Good News!
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    Harmon Killebrew

    The Killer--didn't he have one of the highest HR percentages of all time? --and before steroids. Rest in Peace. You've earned it Harmon. A class act--acredit to baseball and to his people.
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    Romney vs. Obama

    Obama is not really sympathetic to the Palestinian cause (not that it's America'soffice to rectify the wrongs in the world). This is just a speech to establish his bona fides as "compassionate". Nothing substantial will change. Israel will still get all the money it wants and more, as well as...
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    Reagan's Legacy

    I see Reagan mainly as a fairly weak person--easily outmaneuvered by the elite. I think hehad a few decent moments--the first taxcut package, the beginnings of a domestic budget cut, the military buildup (which youcould makea case forduring the cold war), maybe one supreme court appointment...
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    Good Music Videos

    Quiet Speed--- Good to see another Atomic Rooster fan! There were a lot of memorable progressive rock bands to come out of the UK in the early 60's and the 70's. RIP Vincent Crane--arguably the greatest rock keyboardist ever.
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    Rick Sanchez fired from CNN

    Yes, "jews have no power," thats' why if you suggest that they do have power, you either have to make a groveling apology or get fired. No Jewish Power here...skyeah...right
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    Joseph Sobran, R.I.P.

    My favorite columnist by far;areal philosopher and man of letters.And unlike Buckley, Joe Sobran had a sense of the organicaspects of the nation andthe locality.He was a man of high culture with great breadth and depth of knowledge. In oneessay, he could draw upon Aristotle, Edmund Burke, Babe...
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    Fake Italian Soccer Fans-Next Stop NFL/NBA?

    Kind of amusing, but also lame. (Reminds me of the old WFL inflating (and conflating) attendance and tickets sold.) However what the Italian team is doing is not lying. It's the corporation's seats--they can do whatver they want with them, paint them, dress them up , &c. next...
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    dontrelle willis

    Classic example of black burnout and white foolishnessforsupporting this guy for so long.
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    New TV Shows and the promotion of miscegenation

    Studiously avoid any pro-race mixing TV. Also, it can't hurt tosend the executives an e-mail telling them how you feel. Finally, if thereare anypro-white programs thatare decent--then watch them. Otherwise, junk your TV.
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    Gypsies have always been a problem. they have built up a culture and community based on theft and cheating the host people.Mass deporation is the best solution. Edited by: Solomon Kane
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    All - time favorite athlete

    John Riggins; Len Dawson; Joe Namath; Don Maynard; Mark Moseley; Jan Stenerud; Steve Van Buren. Rick Barry, Jerry West, Bob Pettit, Billy Paultz, Brad Davis, Jeff Ruland, Kevin Mchale, Nate Thurmond Mike Mussina, Babe ruth, lou gehrig, nolan ryan, ron santo, harmon killebrew, ken...
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    2010 U.S. Open

    Congrats to's ajoy to end the series of tennis and golf majors with white champs! Kim is a credit to theBelgian people--she's attractive, friendly, and strong. She knows how to play the williams--make them run around the court, then hit a winner. That lob that was just inside...