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    NBA 2012

    Lin's the ultimate caste buster ... no scholarship offers in high school, undrafted, kicked around by various teams (despite a great performance vs. John Wall in 2010 summer league) and just needed someone to finally give him a fair chance.
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    Superbowl XLVI

    Oddly enough, just as he was one of Tim Tebow's earliest and most vocal supporters this season, Michael Irvin empathized with Welker. Must be a receiver thing, but he was literally broken up on the NFL Network post-game show, and called Welker the top receiver in the league.
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    NFL WEEK 17 2011 SEASON

    Yeah, that's basically what Aaron said before the game, he hopes Flynn does well and is starting for someone next year.
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    NFL Week 12

    I was just working and heard it so didn't see it, they sound a lot alike when they get excited, but on the NFL Network either Michael Irvin or Deion Sanders called out Elway, saying oh, nowww you come down on the field and get on Tebow's jock. It's sad that these guys are his biggest advocates...
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    Are there any Roman catholics on this site?

    He should worry less about the personal beliefs on this site, and more about what his church is doing to destroy our country through latin immigration.
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    The Propaganda Is Endless...

    Jonah Hill seems to pull more tail in his movies than any fat goy I can recall.
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    NFL Week 11

    115 yds and a TD. Starting him in fantasy league with Hillis gone.
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    Asian girls and Asian culture

    "Courtney" posts on AmRen all the time. Not defending the practice one way or another, but "dollars to donuts" she got dumped for an Asian girl. She gets her panties in a bunch whenever the topic comes up ... apparently on other websites too.
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    Dostoyevsky -- prescient
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    NFL Week 9

    Deion Sanders with an actual objective, positive take on Tebow, said they were overly critical of him before giving him a chance to play and establish his style.
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    Fox Pushes Teen S0d0my

    Ugh, just as bad, just saw ad for a Fox show "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" where the mom is a redhead, the daughter a mulatto halfbreed.
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    Meet the new homecoming King & Queen

    Gay men are much more promiscuous than lesbians. It says in the story that they're in 12th grade, and started "dating" in 10th grade. It's an f'ed up school: Rebeca said she was told by one teacher: 'Today school is a bit better because of you girls.'
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    NFL Week 8

    Well, Tebow threw a 100 yard TD ...
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    "The Help"....for Cultural Marxism!

    "In Cold Blood" wasn't a novel, it was non-fiction. It was written by the homosexual Truman Capote, with help from Harper Lee. "To Kill a Mockingbird" was the only book Lee had published. She had nothing to do with "Breakfast at Tiffany's," which was fiction and written by the homosexual Capote.
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    NFL Week 8

    Funny, I just told you this two hours ago.