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    Ubiquitous Man Hating

    I agree lol. The first thing I thought when I looked at her was yuck lady boy tranny.
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    Mark Sanchez and his underage girlfriend

    Rapist or not, it is creepy like Chris Collinsworth's alleged attraction to underage girls when he was a player. In this day and age a 24 year old with a 17 year old is creepy, because contrary to what they say, kids don't mature faster now days, they mature slower. Emotionally anyways. A twenty...
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    Jay Cutler

    There has never been a more ignorant, more asinine fan in all of sports, with a sense of snobbish entitlement, than Chicago sports fans. Especially North side yuppie Cubs fans as well as Bears fans. They are the worst. Even worse than the belligerent drunks of the Philadelphia Vet stadium or the...
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    Tim Tebow

    Ah the old jockeying for position to see who gets to be the token White guy allowed to be on a pedestal in the caste system rears it's head again. This is honestly why the caste system is so strong. Modern day field bosses shanking each other in the back to earn the praise of the cultural...
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    Wladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye

    I can honestly say this is the kind of stuff that makes me hate boxing. Gaye should be stripped of his title.
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    UFC 125 - Edgar vs. Maynard

    He needs to be canned. He has pretty much been mister paycheck for a while now. I think the last time I actually saw him win a fight was way back in Pride.
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    Race Row Erupts Over 'Hobbit' Casting

    This whole thing sounds like a planned stunt to cause a controversy. The media bemoaned the fact that the LOTR trilogy was devoid of any "people of color" in the character roles. It doesn't matter to them that the mythology of Middle Earth is based off of European culture and folklore. It...
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    2010 Cardinals

    They were probably too busy cooing and admiring that room brightening smile to pay attention to the details. Edited by: Bear Backer
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    Vince Young

    I absolutely hate people like that. DWF's are one of the primary reasons why saying screw the NFL became an easy choice for me. They are generally the same types that believe the Quotabacks and pretty much all black players need to have a never ending period of evaluation which often covers...
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    Young Negroes' Cars

    Not seen it except for on the internet. Most of the blacks around here either drive total piece of junk beaters with high end rims or cars that cost more than their house. It is nothing to see an Escalade sitting out in front of a piece of crap shack with a worn out couch and cans and bottles...
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    2010 MLB Regular Season

    Yeah, it has always been this way since I have been a fan and I am in my early 30's. I suspect it was probably that way long before I was around as well. I personally don't think any other things like offense or star power should factor into GG, but it generally always does. I have even heard...
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    Only the strong survive in sports

    Yeah, but sometimes it is good to let them expose themselves and hammer them. No, not that kind of expose to the original old pervert. This guy writes like he is coming straight out of Tel Aviv. His command of the English language is more than suspect. So why would a self...
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    Totalitarian Umpires

    I don't know, but I agree with you. There seems to be a growing trend in the last few years of umpires that are not only going out of their way to inject themselves into the outcome of the game instead of being invisible, but also of umpires baiting players and coaches. I don't know why. Maybe...
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    Are our boys really being discriminated against?

    What an obvious and frankly low grade troll you are, spewing nothing but the same tired cliches supported by the MSM and every other troll. Even your name is a dead give away to your motivations. Here is a serious question for you? Can't you even come up with anything original to use when trying...
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    Doughty article

    You are right Electric Slide. DWF's are completely ignorant of the game they are watching. This is made all the more evident when you observe their behavior during live games when they don't have the television talking head's words to "explain" to them what is going on. Many of them don't even...