Martin Mayhew finally axed


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Oct 15, 2004
The Detroit Lions, 11-5 last year are a dumpster fire this year at 1-7. The local media has been relentless in calling for a cleaning of the house of every body at the top. The Lions are owned by the Ford family and since the death of William Clay Ford-Henry Ford's grandson there has been some question as to who is running the team. Recently it was made clear that Ford's widow, Martha, a 90 year old woman who has never before shown any interest in the team with the exception of forbidding female cheerleaders years ago, is now calling the shots.

Forced by the media to act, Martha has axed team president Tom Lewand and GM Martin Mayhew. Martin Mayhew was an AA hire brought in by the mega failure Matt Millen and then promoted to GM when Millen was fired. The Ford's are sensitive to having blacks in high places, like most rich white people and big companies, and were penalized by the league a few years back for not interviewing any blacks for a head coaching vacancy. Obviously the way to avoid bad press and league oppression is to hire blacks for everything and keep them no matter how bad they are.

Significantly head coach Jim Caldwell has not been fired. He fired his offensive coordinator (Vince Lombardi's grandson) and o-line coach a week ago and now the guys above him have been cut. Clearly everything is being done to deflect blame from the one guy who should be bearing the brunt of 1-7 and that is the head coach.

Note that the interim GM is also melanin sufficient.


Nov 13, 2005
Henry Ford actually hired a lot of Blacks in the 1920's at Ford Motors, though usually in the lower ranks of the organization. He was a maverick in many ways, but of course we must keep in mind that the Blacks of the 1920's probably had a better attitude than most today, and Ford's vision was to uplift people, such as his Americanization program that he instituted for his European immigrant workers of that era.


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Jul 30, 2006
He has been a really bad GM. Amazing he has been at the helm making a majority of piss poor draft picks over the past 9 years. His coal black teams have been downright terrible especially on defense.