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Oct 3, 2008
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2022 Chargers Preview

Every team in the NFL is anti-White to one degree or another as they pander to a small segment of the population (13% or so) vs the majority (60-something %). As far as the Chargers go, they are actually one of the better teams in the league but lets see what that actually means.

Total White Athletes on Roster (Starters in bold)
17 Whites total, with 6 starters. Grade: D

QB - Justin Herbert, Chase Daniels, Easton Stick
FB - Zander Horvath
T - Storm Norton
G - Matt Feiler, Brenden Jaimes
C - Corey Linsley, Will Clapp
DL - Morgan Fox
OLB - Joey Bosa
ILB - Drue Tranquill, Troy Reeder, Nick Niemann

K - Dustin Hopkins
P - JK Scott
LS - Josh Harris

IR - Forrest Merrill (DL), Andrew Trainer (T), Isaac Weaver (C)
PS - Michael Bandy (WR), Hunter Kampmoyer (TE), Zack Bailey (T), Foster Sarell (T), Joe Gaziano (DL)

So having a young star QB like Herbert is going to make any team immediately interesting. Will the 24 year old stud make an even further leap in his 3rd season? His first 2 were excellent. The other interesting offensive piece is Horvath, the star running back from Purdue. I was pleasantly surprised he made the team and more shocked that he was listed as the starter on the week 1 depth chart. Maybe he'll get some token carries or the occasional swing pass. He's going to need some Hillis-esque luck and productivity if he ever wants to be a starting RB but he's got the talent to do so. The PS contains the always productive in preseason Michael Bandy. Maybe an injury will give him a shot on the active roster.

The defense is really what separates this team from a D- or F+. Having 2 White starters is sadly rare and both are quite good. When healthy, Joey Bosa is good for 10+ sacks. Tranquill has looked like a typical White Tackling Machine (WTM) when healthy and given opportunities. Troy Reeder is a personal favorite of mine and hopefully him and Niemann get a decent number of rotational snaps every game. Joe Gaziano is good enough to be on a 53 but he waits on the PS. Such is the life for a White man in the NFL....
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Jul 20, 2018
Not bad! Sumo takeover on OL is going full throttle though, WTF!

At least Chargers allow Whitey on Defense.

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
Next time try using your "fullback," who was an excellent all-around power runner at Purdue:

Sony Michel rushed four times for 13 yards in the Chargers' Week 2 loss to the Chiefs, adding a six-yard reception.​

One of Michel's carries was a failed plunge from the Chiefs' one-yard line to end the first quarter. That was closer than Austin Ekeler ever got to the end zone this evening. The Chargers clearly want to take some short-yardage pressure off Ekeler, though neither Michel nor Josh Kelley have done anything positive through two games. Michel and Kelley combined for 44 scoreless yards on 10 combined touches in Kansas City. You don't need us to tell you Michel currently lacks RB4/FLEX appeal and isn't worth a roster spot in normal 12-team leagues.
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