2016 Seattle Seahawks

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Sep 30, 2004
In a league in which relatively White teams usually do well (“relatively” being the key word as every team is black dominated to varying degrees) and coal black ones don’t, the Seattle Seahawks are the NFC’s version of the Pittsburgh Steelers – an overwhelmingly black team that is a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

As loathsome as he is, Pete Carroll has the attributes to excel as a coach in a league powered by the Caste System. He has assembled a strong defense and has many capable component parts on offense. On Pete’s Plantation, Whites are only around to block and kick.

LG Mark Glowinski from WVU and C Justin Britt comprise the totality of the White starters. TE Luke Willson may start at the beginning of the season until Jimmy Graham is fully recovered from last year’s season ending ruptured patellar tendon. Rookie Nick Vannett from Ohio State is the third tight end.

The big surprise is that undrafted rookie WR Tanner McEvoy from Wisconsin made the team. Maybe McEvoy will be the squad’s White Special Teams Demon and unofficial Team Mascot. It’s hard to imagine him seeing much time as a receiver on a Pete Carroll coached team, and only someone unaware of the Caste System will be surprised if he’s the first player cut during the season when roster moves are made.

As usual, there are no White quarterbacks on the team.

On defense, there are two White backups. MLB Brock Croyle is mostly a special teamer who occasionally gets some snaps on defense, and that is unlikely to change as starter Bobby Wagner is an excellent player. Similarly, DE Cassius Marsh gets some snaps in a purely backup role. Marsh may be a very light-skinned black as his half-brother is the quite black former NFL player Curtis Marsh Jr.

LB Jordan Tripp, who is talented but has been held back by injuries and by the Caste System excuse of not playing for a big enough program (Montana), has bounced around the league and is now on Seattle’s practice squad, as is G/C Will Pericak.

White Starters:
LG Mark Glowinski
C Justin Britt

Number of White players on 53 man roster: 11

Grade: F
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Jun 4, 2007
I remember the former poster, Foobar75, accurately describing Carroll's Seahawks as "one of the few all-black teams ever assembled that actually has talent." Of course, I'm hoping they miss the playoffs, but given that two of the teams in the NFC West (Rams and 49ers) are picked to be among the worst in the NFL, it's unlikely.

Their infamous "Superbowl 49 Collapse" at the hands of lily-white New England is probably my finest memory as a racially-aware sports fan. Hopefully, Plantation Pete and Co. never reach the big game again...








Jun 3, 2014
At least you don't live up here. The Seahawks mania is really something to behold. 50 year old fat white women wearing Russell Wilson jerseys. The mental component is always an interesting one. Super fans love to attach themselves to a player, often times proclaiming "that's my guy", when that player will actually never even know who they are and would surely not hang around them even if they did.