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Oct 3, 2008
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Growing up, I was never a football fan. It just wasn't a tradition in my household. As I got older, friends from school got me interested in the NFL. Out of the local teams, the NY Giants had a certain allure to me so they became "my team". Looking back I was spoiled. I got to enjoy Jason Sehorn's career not realizing he'd be the last White starting CB in my lifetime. The Giants back then, under GM Ernie Accorsi, had some great Caste-busters. RB Sean Bennett, drafted in the 4th round out of Northwestern, could have been a star if not for knee injuries. WR Joe Jurevicius, the tall and speedy 2nd round pick out of Penn State. TE Jeremy Shockey, the supremely gifted and brash 1st rounder out of University of Miami. Overall, the Giants were probably Whiter than most teams and always had interesting guys at skill positions. However, this all changed when Accorsi retired and black Jerry Reese took over.

In the 1st couple of years, Reese had some fair drafts and the team won 2 Super Bowls. The solid core built by Accorsi coupled with some decent Reese moves equaled success. In recent years, this has all changed as the Giants have gotten blacker and subsequently worse each year. Last year was so bad that old Caste clown Tom Coughlin was effectively forced out. While this was deserved, management dropped the ball but not ridding themselves of Reese too. Reese's draft record in recent years is atrocious and filled with bust after bust. This year might be Jerry's last chance and he's doubled down but constructing the blackest roster the team's had in all my years of following them.

The team is lead by 2 time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, who is entering his 13th NFL season. Eli is a true iron man, who has started every game since his rookie year. He's also put up great career numbers excluding a very poor 2013 season. Despite his talent on the field, Eli is a bit of a cuck off it. Eli has made disparaging comments about White athleticism and I don't believe has ever completed a pass to a White WR. Ryan Nassib, the backup QB has struggled, so Reese has brought in a quotablack to push him.

On the Super Bowl teams, the Giants always had a strong and mostly White offensive line. No longer. Currently they have starters Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg. Both are fairly talented young players. Brett Jones appears to be the backup center. Traditionally, the Giants have also usually had a White TE or 2 and a fullback. Well now the TEs are all coco and they no longer employ a FB.

On defense, the only pale face is backup LB / WSTD Mark Herzlich. Mark overcame cancer and being an UDFA but can't seem to overcome his racial apprenticeship and the Cast System. Whenever thrust into action, he looks good but the DWFs are always calling for him to be cut.


QB - Eli Manning, Ryan Nassib
OL - Justin Pugh, Weston Richburg, Brett Jones

LB - Mark Herzlich

K - Randy Bullock (until Josh Brown returns from suspension)
P - Brad Wing
LS - Zak DeOssie

Practice Squad

OL - Shane McDermott


3 White staters, 9 out of 53 total (Probably 1st time in single digits in franchise history)

Grade: F-

I hope the Giants lose every game and Jerry Reese is subsequently fired.
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Jul 30, 2006
The correlation between black GMs and the blackening of the NFL is more than coincidence.

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
What a pathetic team the Giants have become. I remember well also when they were the closest team the NFL had to a Caste-buster with Sehorn, Bennett and Jurevicius. And of course Shockey and a mostly White o-line, always a White QB, and a few Whites on defense.

Bennett was a startling draft pick at the time as he had bounced around different colleges and at Northwestern his senior season was used more as a fullback than a halfback. He's the only White running back drafted for his "upside" in the past half-century.

Sehorn had to spend his first two seasons as a backup safety before he played cornerback for the Giants. But as always when Whites kick ass at "blacks only" positions, his excellence resulted in exactly a zero increase in the number of outstanding White high school cornerbacks recruited by major college football programs and developed for the NFL (from none to none).
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Jun 4, 2007
This team should be called "Raiders East." No wonder "Eli's Ebonies" have missed the playoffs 5 straight years. May it continue ad infinitum.

I, too, remember the Jim Fassel era Giants quite well. Watching CB Jason Sehorn as well as QB Kerry Collins throwing to TE Jeremy Shockey and WR Joe Jurevicious was a great memory of mine in high school...


After "Effete Eli" took over, Shockey's numbers plummeted and no white WR (sans Brandon Stokley for a few weeks in 2011) ever saw the field again.


Greatest INT ever...