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Jul 30, 2006
The Detroit Lions have been one of the worst franchises of this century - most notably because of their two know nothing GMs that occupied the spot - Matt Millen and Martin Mayhew. Enter Bob Quinn who is a Bill Bellichek disciple and has been a Patriots personnel man since 2000 until being hired as GM by Detroit this year. He inherited a bad and dark roster but there may be a few hints that he may be bringing the "Patriot Way" to the shell of a city that is Detroit.

Offensively they have one of the best young QBs in the game - Matt Stafford. He is an underappreciated talent in the NFL and has been in the league since 2009 but is only 28 years old. He possesses arguably the best arm in the NFL. RB Zach Zenner is well known around here and hopefully he has an injury free season and makes an impact as a meaningful contributor. Rookie UDFA TE Cole Wick may be a player on the rise, he developed a solid buzz in OTAs and Training camp and future bust 1st rounder Eric Ebron is just not that good. WR Jace Billingsley was a revelation during training camp and the preseason but was cut (signed to practice squad) because we all know preseason doesn't matter unless your name is Dak Prescott. Perhaps Quinn sees Billingsley as another Wes Welker/Edelman type. I am looking forward to seeing the offensive line with Riley Reiff and rookie Taylor Decker at tackle.

Defense for the Lions has been laughable the past 15 years. Off the top of my head LB Teddy Lehman, DE Kyle Vanden Bosch and Safety Stuart Schweigert are the only white players I can think of that played defense for them. I guess the organization forgot who Chris Spielman was. This year not much has changed besides the drafting of DL Anthony Zettel. We can only hope that Quinn drafts some of those try hard, unathletic white LBs next year.

Not much to get excited for with only 11 white players on the roster not including specialists. If Billingsley and/or Freucthe get the call up and get playing time it will make the team a little more palatable. Quinn also seems to be changing the philopshy of the organziation based on this year's draft so lets hope he continues. I know of a few in state defensive players at Michigan and Michigan State that would be nice additions to improve the Lions mediocre defense next year.

Matt Stafford
Dan Orlovsky

Running Backs
Zach Zenner
Michael Burton (FB)

Tight Ends
Cole Wick

Offensive Line
Graham Glasgow
Travis Swanson
Joe Dahl
Taylor Decker
Riley Reiff

Anthony Zettel

Practice Squad
WR Jace Billingsley
WR Issac Fruechte
QB Jake Rudock
TE Brian Leonhardt
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Mar 16, 2013
Nice write up LF basically a one trick pony team if that with Zenner as a back up. Much like the Steelers the Lions have been non white for years. Lack of white D players over recent times is startling.
Billingsley was not on anyone's radar if I recollect but he has serious speed. He is kind of small and the NFL has very few smallish white players. But that tiny a- hole hands up turkey Tavon Austin is treated like royalty as the Rams design several plays every Sunday just for him.