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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Raiders' started by Don Wassall, Dec 24, 2019.

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    Yet despite the fact that any nfl team can sign these type players for pennies on the dollar they do not want them. It's so sad. It's amazing that we always have some of our guys make it in college and the nfl despite the deck of cards being stacked against them. It's
    a rigged game set up for the magical smile crowd. No one else need apply. The fact that some of our guys make it and to the highest level is a miracle. As the saying goes though "the cream rises to the top".
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    Makes you wonder if the idea of a salary cap doesn’t hurt white players in this respect? For instance in any other work context there is no such thing as a salary cap nor is there a limit to how many employees you can have.

    For the sake of argument if there was no limit on the amount of players on an nfl team would Yt be allowed to hang around more and possibly play more?

    if there was a salary arbitrage a savvy team owner could stock up on the UDfa talent he wanted to paying them little and just seeing what happened ?

    Just a half baked idea on my part probably but it seems that in college the majority of football scholarships go to black athletes at present and so YT is forced to walk on (the equivalent of accepting less compensation to do the same job). When guys like Renfrow walk on and excel they rise to the top.

    I don’t know enough about practice squad spots so maybe this already exists and if so, apologies for my uninformed post!

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