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    Hey everyone if you are not on GAB yet here is the CF group that @Freethinker was kind enough to start up back in 2020:

    While remains the best site on the internet and the "mothership" we do need to get active on other social media sites rather than remain here in our echo chamber all the time. Gab has groups for all different sports so if you join gab you can join any of these other sports groups and spread the word about the caste system and anti-White discrimination as it applies to sports to a wider audience.

    Also, I think that creating twitter counts like WhiteRB, WhiteWR, WhiteDB etc could also be an effective way to get the word out on White athletes (especially HS athletes) being ignored at certain positions. All it would take is for volunteers to create the account - monitor the recruiting sites (we have a great group of members here that keep an eye on HS recruiting as well), find out if the athlete has a twitter account so you could include them in any messages sent out about them, get their HS coaches/college coaches in that players geographic region, the recruiting service and elite11 like camps on twitter to call them out. Each twitter account would serve as an aggregate for all the players at the specific position. I would have no issue taking over one of the positions but volunteers are needed.

    Protonmail and Tutanota are two free secure email services that can be used to create email addresses to register with twitter.
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