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Aug 16, 2006
Well I'll go ahead and be the first to bust the cherry on this new individual team format here on CF and rant a little about one of the two NFL teams that I hold dearest.

QB: Kitna is really pretty decent up until the 4th quarter when his QB rating changes from a 100 to about a -13.7. I'm bummed that Stanton is done for the season but then I don't really understand why Martz and co. would ditch Josh McCown and then essentially draft his clone. Having attended NFL-Europe games, I'm pleased to see JT O'Sullivan made it, not that he'll lead our sorry team anywhere though...
RB: I like the way Kevin Jones plays, I hope he gets over his nagging foot injury.
WR: I'm not that bummed about Furrey's "demotion" because basically Martz had him running slot receiever routes anyway from his outside position. With the Lions' run game and defense consistently sucking, Kitna's 5000 passing yards trying to play catch-up will have to be distributed somewhere.
LB: Lehman seems to be a damned outcast, what's the deal with that? He had a spectacular rookie season, got injured (same as Kevin Jones I believe) and then has been relegated to second string ever since. I hope that's just a product of his unfortunate injury.
K: Will Hanson ever age?
After the Lions inevitably fail again this year (and they will), will Marinelli be canned? If so, will Mad Mike Martz replace him?

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
I give Rod Marinelli some credit for saying that C. Johnson hasn't yet earned the #2 WR position opposite Roy Williams. It was only a few years ago that Charles Rogers entered the NFL to almost the same hype that Johnson is getting. And though I do think Johnson is going to be very good -- he seems to have a prettygood head on his shoulders unlike so manyheralded rookies who become flops-- at least it's not being handed to him.

Which also means that as of now anyway, Mike Furrey is still starting.

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