Nick Easley

Feb 11, 2016
I am not sure if this guy is deserving of his own thread but I have read 3 different magazine previews on Iowa football and this kid is supposed to be a star in the making.
He is only 5'11" and about 200 pounds but he was a JUCO All American and is supposed to have a ton of talent. The magazine's fail to say that despite being the star of Iowa's spring game last month that he still had to walk on and is not on scholarship yet. Iowa's coach is quoted as saying he is as good if not better than Iowa senior wr Matt Vandeberg who was injured for the spring practice session. I can't find any video on him but the coach says he will play early and often DESPITE being a walk on. How many black scrub wr's will play behind hime that are on scholarship? It boggles the mind with these automoton coaches and their racial stereotyping.


Hall of Famer
Jul 30, 2006
We usually make threads every year for players to look out for at different positions rather than a thread for every single player unless they are a big time name.