Fedor-Sylvia: Affliction Banned


Nov 4, 2006
White_Savage said:
"Dirty" fighting techniques you cannot use in a
real fight are something that will always remain speculative, as well as
something that no one can be said to be really expert at, because no one
gouges each others eyes out in practice, as opposed to actually
striking/choking, one another etc.

If you got into a street fight with a top MMA fighter, HE would be allowed
to bite, gouge, and kick your nuts too, and with his physical conditioning
and generally better grasp of body dynamics, would probably win.
ESPECIALLY Fedor, because he doesn't have a single move or some
amazing physical attribute (he is not supremely faster, stronger, more
powerful, or more enduring than alot of the people he beats.) He is an
improvisational artist, his art is human unarmed combat, and he could
probably "improvise" better than most all your "street fighters"

I don´t get to post much here. But as usual great post Savage...