Cato June-Another Celeb Evades Justice


Oct 21, 2004
-- DUI Charges Dropped Against Cato June --

The Tampa Tribune reports Buccaneers LB Cato June received good news Monday regarding the DUI charge that was brought against him last November. June, who was charged with a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence last Nov. 19, had the case against him dropped by the state, according to attorney Ron Hanes.

On the heels of Steeler RB Najeh Davenpoop being acquitted by a typically witless jury, we have here another afflete getting the kind of treatment no average citizen will EVER get under our injustice system. When have you ever heard of any redneck burnout, poor black homeboy or even an upstanding middle-class executive having a DUI case "dropped by the state?" If you answered never, you'd be correct. Where is Mothers Against Drunk Drivers here? As usual, they are totally silent when one of these thugs drives drunk and evades any penalty whatsoever. These are the same strong-armed lobbyists who used to sit in courtrooms to pressure judges to throw the book at young burnouts who'd had a single DWI incident. Funny, they don't seem to be able to find the courtrooms where the affletes go in order to receive the celebrity special of suspended sentence and/or community service. In this case, however, June avoided even that; he won't be forced through the ordeal of hosting a golf tournament or visiting sick children in the hospital (with plenty of photographers there to capture the moment).

The double standard of justice accorded those who are famous is one of the most objectionable things about this country.


Hall of Famer
Jun 4, 2007
Bigunreal, well put, on all accounts.

It was the same situation with PETA and Mike Vick. Or Ray Lewis, or Leonard Little (don't get me started).

When ultra-liberals are protesting ANYTHING that doesnt exactly meet their "criteria" for their misguided hate (a white american male), they tend to shut their respective pie holes and quickly apply the blindfolds...