2023 NFL Season Super Bowl LVIII


Dec 29, 2012
Miami FL
Culpepper over Brees
Charles Harris over TJ Watt (forgot who we even drafted and had to look it up he's that bad a bust)
Tua over Herbert

Honestly in another timeline we might have had a SB win with Brees and Saban. Instead we signed Culpepper and have been putting out coal black teams ever since.

Shula always had plenty of white defenders on his teams in the 70s and 80s. Maybe we should've stuck with that formula?
Tua over Herbert wasn't that bad because at least you can make the argument that he's a franchise QB, although I would have preferred Herbert because of his size, intelligence, arm strength, and because I think he'll have a longer career. Oh how about this one, Dion Jordan over Lane Johnson. Lane Johnson could have been that bookend tackle to solidify the offensive line for at least a decade. Instead we've trotted out sumo after sumo to the same putrid results. What's that saying about the definition of insanity?