2022 New York Jets


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Oct 3, 2008
Suffolk County, NY
The NY Jets are an awful Caste Team, that from year to year averages amongst the fewest White players and the fewest wins. The local media has been excited about GM Joe Douglas but the portly Caste lackey has had poor results so far. Indistinguishable in fact from previous failed regimes. The Lebanese Muslim HC has also gotten a pass thus far but will start to feel the heat if the team doesn't start winning soon. Let's see this year's paltry roster:

Total White Athletes on Roster (Starters in bold)
14 Whites total, with 4 starters. Grade: F

QB - Zach Wilson*, Joe Flacco, Mike White
WR - Braxton Berrios
TE - Tyler Conklin, Jeremy Ruckert
T - Max Mitchell, Conor McDermott
G - Nate Herbig
C - Connor McGovern, Dan Feeney

K - Greg Zuerlein
P - Braden Mann
LS - Thomas Hennessy

IR - Nick Bawden (FB)
PS - Chris Streveler (QB), Chris Glaser (OL), Grant Hermanns (OL)

Not too much to get excited over here. The biggest story is Zach Wilson, the next in the long line of potential Jet's Franchise Quarterback. In his rookie season, Wilson certainly showed flashes of greatness but overall made way too many mistakes. Of course, the porous offensive line and lousy receivers made things even worse. Equipped with a cannon arm and good mobility, Wilson has all the tools. He just needs to stay healthy and not force the issue too much. I hope he takes a big leap this year once he returns from injury in a few weeks. The other player worth following is slot receiver and jitterbug Braxton Berrios. Caste aside by the formerly White friendly Patriots, Berrios has found a home with the Jets. Unfortunately that home seems to be the 4th receiver right now. Through 2 games Berrios only has 5 catches and 2 carries. As a kick and punt returner, he's one of the best and always a threat to bust a big gain. Starting TE comes over from the Vikings and has been reliable so far but probably has a ceiling. Ruckert was drafted to be the TE of the future and if he becomes a good one who break the Jets decades long streak of having terrible TEs. Wilson and Berrios keep the Jets from an F-.

The defense has zero White players on the 53 and none on the PS either. That has to be intentional as even other terrible squads have a token White. The closest thing to a token, is safety Ashtyn Davis who we've determined is 1/4 or 1/8 black some time ago. Maybe the DWFs consider him White since he appears so in uniform. They might have to take out their anti-White animus on him since there are no lunchpailers to blame.
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