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Mar 25, 2008
2022 Carolina Panthers "Pre"view
After a promising 3-0 start to the Sam Darnold Era last season, Carolina, exacerbated by an injury to Christian McCaffrey, completely imploded. Finishing 5-12 on the year, they should be hoping to ride a healthy McCaffrey to a more successful season in 2022. They are, however, off to an 0-2 start at time of posting...

Total White players on 53-man roster: 12
Total White starters: 6
Starters listed in bold.

QB: Baker Mayfield
RB: Christian McCaffrey
TE: Giovanni Ricci
C: Pat Elflein, Bradley Bozeman
G: Brady Christensen, Austin Corbett, Cade Mays

DE: Henry Anderson
DT: Matt Ionnidis

P: Johnny Hekker
LS: J.J. Jansen

QB: Sam Darnold
K: Zane Gonzalez

TE: Josh Babicz, Colin Thompson
QB: Jacob Eason
WR: C.J. Saunders, Derek Wright
C: Sam Tecklenburg

Few teams in all of football rely more on one player to dictate their success than Carolina. Christian McCaffrey's health is all that separates competitive weeks from completely lost seasons. McCaffrey fits pretty much any superlative you could foist upon a star player. Yet, as their 0-2 record is testament to, McCaffrey cannot do it alone. Though both losses were competitive, new QB Baker Mayfield has not found the win column as of yet; he gets a fresh start in Carolina after Cleveland torpedoed their franchise for Deshaun Watson. However, aside from D.J. Moore, Mayfield's receiving options are either totally inexperienced or downright putrid outside of McCaffrey. Veteran former Viking Pat Elflein returns to anchor the middle of the line. Second-year man Christensen slides over from his natural tackle position to start at guard. Austin Corbett is a fifth-year man out of Nevada.

Veteran DT Matt Ionnidis spent quite a few productive years in Washington, teaming up with Ryan Kerrigan to terrorize offensive backfields. The dependable former Temple man is already in his seventh season, and is part of a small-but-mighty club of starting White defensive tackles. Henry Anderson saw some success while part of some truly terrible Jets teams, and even spent a season as a starter. In Carolina however, he is moved to a rotational spot, as teams now swap out their defensive lines like hockey shifts.

11th-year punter Johnny Hekker is worth a mention, as he begins his first season away from the St. Louis/LA Rams. The six-time All-Pro has lead the league in net yardage many times, and brought a flair for the dramatic to the position as a semi-frequent passer in fake punting situations. There's some interesting skill player depth on the practice squad, with two each White wide receivers and tight ends. Hopefully one or several of these lads can make their way onto the field this season.


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Oct 3, 2008
Suffolk County, NY
Where to begin with the Panthers….

Matt Rhule, and whoever the GM is, has done a terrible job of constructing this roster around CMac and Mayfield / Darnold. As PhillyBirds said, the receivers beyond Moore and sometimes Anderson, are total garbage. Then they operate out of base offense of 2 tight ends. In a league with outstanding White TEs everywhere, they start Ian Thomas and Tommy Tremble. That’s just not going to cut it as both are backup types. And speaking of backups, it’s criminal that PJ Walker is the backup QB (technically 3rd string but still). He’s under 6’ and has a career 55% completion with a 2/8 TD to INT ratio. He’s also not a threat to run. There are easily 20 White QBs on practice squads or out of the league who would be more deserving, but because Rhule coached Walker in college he has a job. This right here shows that Rhule is a fool who isn’t cut out for the job. Hopefully this buffoon will be fired after another predictably disappointing season.


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Jul 30, 2006
There were several drops in the game vs the Giants by Panthers WRs/TEs. I hope that Mayfield starts looking to McCaffery as a safety blanket in the passing game. The misuses of McCaffery in the first two games is frustrating. The season is still early and the NFC South is a weak division outside of Tampa Bay. Rooting for Mayfield and McCaffery!


Jun 4, 2020
CMC grinds out another 100 yard game. No yards came easy and the play-calling so far this season has been ugly.

The Panthers need to get this man into space and let him shine!
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