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Jul 30, 2006
Here's an article on some of the Crawfords' poor 2012 draft day decisions. I expected this year's steep decline to begin in 2011 but they managed to delay it a season. They have very little young talent on either side of the ball so I'm anticipating a sub-.500 record in '13 and for the DWFs to start to turn up the heat on Tomlin and Colbert, the two personnel architects employed by the Rooney plantation.

Draft-day decisions haunt Steelers


The Steelers relied on the same core group of players for the past 7-8 years. Aaron Smith and Chris Hoke were two huge losses for them. Hoke was better than perenially overrated sumo Casey Hampton when given a chance to play. Aaron Smith was the best 3-4 DE of the past decade before Watt this season.

They have drafted purely black or poly players on defense to try and replenish the ranks. Once Keisel leaves that defense is going to be a joke. Big Ben is the only player that keeps that team competitive. I am looking forward to some lean years ahead in the capitol of DWFandom.

The sad thing is I was a Steeler fan once Maddox took over for the overrated Stewart and remained a Steeler fan up until 2006 - I was a huge Big Ben fan - Ive cooled to him in recent years though - I do respect his ability and think he is a great QB but he buys into the Steelers caste antics a little to much. I joined this site in 2006 so its no coincidence that I stopped being a Steeler fan that same year although I was aware of bias against white players previously.

Another caste move that the turd Colbert did was cut Kraig Urbik after drafting him in the third round. He has gone on to be a real good guard for the Bills.

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Sep 30, 2004
Trouble in Chocolate Paradise?

Antonio Brown believes the Steelers' locker room had "issues" last season. "It was definitely different — guys weren’t really together," Brown said on SportsCenter. Brown alluded to teammates only playing for themselves, and believes the Steelers could have made a Super Bowl run had they all been on the same page. It's quite possible Brown is referring to soon-to-be former teammate Mike Wallace, whose contract situation has been at the forefront of his mind for over a year at this point. Although he's coming off an up-and-down season, Brown could emerge as an every-week WR2 in Wallace's absence.