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    NFL 2015 - Week 5

    Can anyone explain to me why the Chargers are passing to Melvin Gordon? You have perhaps the best pass-catching RB on the planet in Woodhead who already has 2 catches for 41 yards and you keep passing to Gordon for -1 yard. Insanity.
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    Black QBs in the NFL The GMs are smarter than you think. The contracts for Krapernick and Wilson include VERY low guaranteed money. The Wilson contract is essentially a one year deal with 3 years of team options. The Krapernick deal has...
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    Black QBs in the NFL

    Terrible play and the Tom Iron Rule in full effect: Geno Smith. Terrible QB who squandered his last shot because he didn't pay a $600 debt and commands no respect in the locker room, to the point that other players are saying their QB might have deserved it. LOL! EJ Manuel: The only QB...
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    Black QBs in the NFL

    The Tom Iron Rule has devastated the black QB crops of the last 5 years. RGknee's injuries have kept him off the field. His inability to learn how to play as a pocket QB has rendered him useless. But, IMO, it was his mouth and his ego that truly sunk him. Kyle Shanahan designed a...
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    NFL 2015 Week 1

    Hopefully the no name RB Carlos Hyde has ended the Gerald Hodges experiment at MLB for the Vikings. Audie Cole, the expected starter, was bumped after Hodges moved from SLB to MLB in the preseason, a position he had never played and is apparently horrendous at. Very happy a complete nobody...
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    NFL 2015 Week 1

    I think if Cooper had been in Witten might not have scored that. Pretty easy to say that since Unga and Meriweather did literally nothing. Meriweather wouldn't even give Witten a hit to try to dislodge the ball. Pathetic.
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    NFL 2015 Week 1

    The ball was definitely loose before his knee touched. Easy call. Great cut and run by Beasley though.
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    2015 Oakland Raiders

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    White starters about the same as last year

    Don, the best examples of this can be seen with the Texans and Patriots. The Texans have 5 white starters on defense, but to avoid unwanted scrutiny and to fill their racial quotas, they have cut every single white backup in defense. Quite a stunner, I had thought they would keep at least 2-3...
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    Annual NFL White Purge 2015

    The Bucs have deigned to keep Adam Humphries on the roster after his incredibly strong pre season. Even the announcers during the last pre season game were saying "Can he just get his jersey now!?" I wouldn't get too excited tho. As soon as some bum veteran DB or sumo gets cut, Lovie Smiff...
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    NFL Preseason 2015

    Two backup safeties made their case for the roster and playing time tonight: Daniel Sorenson and Cody Davis had interceptions for the Chiefs and Rams in the same game tonight.
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    2014 Oakland Raiders

    looks like I'll probably turn out to be wrong. I don't think they'll get 2 wins down the stretch.
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    Rob Gronkowski

    I did not know this until now, but it was the same Sergio Brown who broke Gronks arm when they where teammates. Haha!
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    Rob Gronkowski Gronkowski is dangerously close to forever offending the powers that be with...
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    2014 Saints

    The Saints have added RB Brian Leonhard. Hopefully he can get some carries in the twilight of his career.