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Discussion in 'Soccer' started by Phall, Feb 22, 2022.

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    Interesting history, thanks for posting this. I remember the Italian restriction on foreigners but did not recall the precedent that led to its overhaul.

    Another tough variable that works against Italy is its socialistic tax policy. The top bracket of earners pay 43%, which is much lower than what it used to be but still comparatively high. Italy also taxes your assets, even if you hold them in a foreign country or earned them previously. If you compare the effective tax rate of ~50% to say, France, which is closer to ~35%, a player with a $5 million contract takes home $2.5 million in Italy vs $3.25 million abroad. (I think this the main reason why Donnarumma left Juventus, personally). So, the more Italian stars command in salary, the greater the incentive to play elsewhere. Serie A is left to subsist on young players and foreigners from nations with lower league wages (Africa and the Slavs in particular).
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    today United lost 2-1 to Brighton (No scoring, as his goal was an own goal by a Brighton player Alexis macallister a Scottish-argentinian) , just wanted to say that this Sancho and rashford are overrated, Very normal players with speed but nothing else, If they were white they would have been chased away from United (like Daniel James, Pretty much the same as Sancho and Rashford a fast player but of average skill), Just knowing that United paid 85 million to Sancho.
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    Haaland is world class. I love this man and this city team.

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