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Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by Woody, May 10, 2012.

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    Oct 5, 2010
    I'm going to start this thread because I found this online in a question-and-answer blog for the Patriots.

    "Q. Hi Mike, Jake Bequette and Chandler Jones had very similar "measureables." Both 6-foot-4/6-foot-5, 265-275 pound guys. Bequette had a better 40, 20-yard shuttle, and 3-cone drill. Jones had better horizontal and vertical jumps. They both look like high-character guys, but Bequette had top-end production against the best college competition in the country for four years, while Jones had inconsistent production against lower competition for three years. I'm curious how this makes Bequette a third-rounder and Jones a first-rounder? -- Tim (Georgetown, Mass.)A.

    Tim, there are a few differences in terms of the measureables, such as arm length (Jones 35.5/Bequette 32), and I do think there is a significant difference in terms of athleticism in favor of Jones. The athleticism involves a projection with Jones -- you're banking on him being able to harness that into something special. He has some unique things going for him. You're right about Bequette's production, but when projecting to the NFL, the stat sheet is only part of the consideration. One scout who worked on him felt he was stiff in linebacker drills and is more one-dimensional than Jones, which in part made him more of a later-round projection. So those are a few thoughts when comparing the two, and now let's see how it plays out.
    (Love the Caste non-answers!!)

    Bequette's career alongside Jones' will be very interesting case study. Same position, same team, same draft, different rounds for obvious reasons. On a defense with such big holes I think they will also be given roughly the same opportunities so this makes for a great study on the Caste System.

    I will be following Bequette's career with great interest and wish him the best. He certainly has the tools to be great and I believe he will be.
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    Bequette had a better 40, 20-yard shuttle, and 3-cone drill

    and yet Jones has the edge in terms of athleticism... its measured how, exactly?
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    Yes 3.5 inches in arm length makes one a much better prospect *sarcasm off now. I would hope that the Patriots switch to more of a 4-3 base and have Bequette used as an end there. He is best suited for there. In two years people will be like Chandler who? I wonder what these unique things are, they obviously aren't measurables, or production, or size, being that Jones is 10 pounds lighter.

    I think the Patriots just draft random affletes to give the appearance that they are not a White friendly team. Most of of their impact players are late round picks, and free agent pick ups, other than the White linemen. Sure a few of the guys they pick up early wind up being solid but thats about it . The safety they picked in the 2nd round was projected to go in the later rounds. I think like Vereen he will be a wasted pick, but I don't think the Patriots really care about picks. They always trade down (this year was the exception) and have a ton, and realize they can get impact players elsewhere.

    "and yet Jones has the edge in terms of athleticism... its measured how, exactly?"

    apparently the only measurable thing they can measure is arm length, which shows no correlation for having success with a few extra inches, and even that was only supposed to be relevant for left tackles with the average pro bowler having 34 inch arm length, with the elite White tackles around 33. I guess he must have magic "hip swivel" and Bequette has that new disorder of being "tight crotched"
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    These arm length reports are pretty amusing. An arm lenght of 35.5 inches? That would mean the two arms combine for 71 inches. Say this guy has a 80 inch total wingspan, he would have incredibly narrow shoulders, wouldn't he. :happy:
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    I have noticed the whole arm-length issue becoming another weapon of the jock-sniffers, dwf's and caste disciples in recent years. It is just another way to know down a white player. Bequette is superior to Jones in everyway. The morons in the media still don't get it - the recent 2009 draft pick bust article should be eye opening to people and force them to ask questions: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/blog/rob-rang/18980480/nfl-draft-revisited

    Also, I think just after monitoring the percentage of white players taken each draft the past few years someone should bring it up to these "journalists" and that joke of an organization at UCF that tracks minority participation in sports.
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