Women’s US(?) golf


Hall of Famer
Oct 15, 2004
Is there anything stupider then a country that runs a professional tour dominated by another country?

Christie Kerr won the Womens Open today, a nice win by a good golfer, one that should be receiving the publicity Michele Wie gets X 100. But after the top two it was all Korean. American woman have won 6 of the 27 tournaments on the US tour. Does that strike anyone as ridiculous? Is there any foreign country where the US dominates in one of their sports?

Consider that a golf association is dependant upon private monies for its existance. Thus US consumers are subsidizing the womens US tour for the benefit of Korea.

The day has to come when US sports restrict membership in their leagues. Just as is done in every other country.

Solomon Kane

Jul 3, 2006
Well, we eventually will need limits on foreign participation in all the major team sports, especially baseball.

As for golf, The Men's PGA is alright since there are still many talented Americans . But we nay well need some sort of limitation in the LPGA. Or maybe the key is to promote female collegiate golf as a "feeder" program for the LPGA. Maybe the next Morgan Pressel is out there somewhere.

But, as a start, maybe every patriotic American should write to the LPGA that they will not watch tour events, either live or on TV, until the percentages of Foreigners decreases.

(And time to write to the Front office of teams like the Pirates and the Mets--no viewers until we see the percentage of homegrown talent (of which we have plenty) increase)

I'm in basic agreement with you Jax, but I wonder whether on this issue we ought to make a distinction between team sports and individual sports. Hasn't there always been a tradition of foreign competition in boxing, golf, tennis, etc.? And if we limited foreign competition wouldn't that mean fewer Klitschkos and Maskaevs pounding on the brothers? And wouldn't that mean less competition for the Tiger and the Williams sisters?