Winston Smith-Heated National Race Debate


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Jan 9, 2005
The Deep South
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<H2>Winston Smith was one of the co-hosts of The Political Cesspool. This is from the PC blog.</H2>
<H2>"A heated national debate on the state of race relations."</H2>March 15th, 2008
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Agrieving European Americanfamily beats up an intrusive Negress news reporter when she refuses to leave them alone, and it starts "a heated national debate on the state of race relations."

Two Negroes murdered Eve Carson near UNC, and another Negro murdered Lauren Burk at Auburn, and only White Nationalists have the courage to restate to obvious - Negroes are targeting European American girls and womenfor murder for no other reason than because they're White.If Eve andLauren had been Negresses, they would be alive today, just as Channon Christian and Chris Newsome would be alive todayhad theybeen Negroes.

Why didn't the murders of those two White girlsby predatory thug Negroescause any debate on the state of race relations, much less a heated debate?To ask the question is to answer it - Eve and Lauren were White. Negroes could kill us by the score, and inthe twisted logic of a cowardly Judeo-xtian and cultural Marxistsociety, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with race.But when a grieveing White family forcefully demandsthat a belligerent Negress news reporter leave them to their grief, that'sa sure sign of racism and an indicator that the country needs a dialogue about race.

Alright,here'show thedialogue about race needs to begin:

"The vast majority of interracial crimesare Black on White, and the crimes are getting worse in nature and frequency. NegroesinAmerica must begin to police their people and rein in their thugs."

Until that issue is dealt with, then no other dialogueshould take place.If any discussion about race begins with words other thansomething like, "Black on White crime is an epidemic, andNegroes areto blame for it,"then all European Americans involved should immediately walk away from thediscussion without another word, and they shouldinstruct Whitepeople to arm themselves for self defense (which we should already be doing). No European American should give an interview on the subject unless it is agreed that the discussion will focus solelyon the pestilence of Black on White crime. Furthermore, topics such as slavery or Jim Crow can have no place in the discussion, for those institutions have been long gone, and they had nothing to do with Eve being murdered, nor with Lauren being murdered, nor with Channon and Chris being murdered, nor with Sarah Kreager being beaten to a pulp by a roving gang of teen-aged Negro miscreants, nor with any of the other hundreds of recentinstances of Negroes assaulting and/or murdering European Americans.

Thestate of race relations in America has nothing to do withthe slavery that ended 150 years ago; not withthe Jim Crow that was ended 50 years ago; not withpoverty; not withdrugs; not withbroken Negro families. Lots of European Americans are victims of discriminatory "diversity" laws. Lots of European Americans have been surrounded by and used drugs. Lots of European Americans grew up in poverty and in broken homes.But they don't become sociopaths, and they don't target Negroes for murder. Thestate of race relations in America has everything to withNegro racism, Negro hatred for Whites, Negro belligerence, the Negro'ssense of entitlement, and Negro excuse-mongering.

As long as any discussion of race begins from the assumption that White people are the source of the problems, then that discussion isillegtimate and a failure from the beginning, because White people are not the source of the problems. And as long as we tolerate officials whocontinue to sell us out in order to avoid being calledracists, then our daughters, sisters, and mothers will continue to be founddead in their own precious European America blood.


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Jan 19, 2007
As I've stated before, it's rarely "news-worthy" unless the "victim" is a pooooor minooooooority.

White Shogun

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Mar 2, 2005
Oddly enough, the suspected killer isn't even a black man. The report said the elderly victim's own grandson is the suspected killer.Edited by: White Shogun


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Aug 2, 2007
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Thanks for posting that informative blog entry.

He TOLD IT like it is.
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