Willie O'Ree: Another Race Hustle


Sep 27, 2004
Willie O'Ree: Another Race Hustle

The beginning of each calendar year has been taken over by the PC crowd and the multiculturalists with their never-ending diversity agenda.

It begins with Kwanza a make believe holiday created by a black racist to celebrate the tenants of communism. January 1 marks the "Jubilee," a contrived holiday meant to celebrate the official enactment date of Lincoln's unconstitutional "Emancipation Proclamation" which freed the slaves in territory the U.S. had no control over at the time. That 150 year old anti-holiday segues into Martin Luther King Day, America's celebration of the deeply flawed man whose grievous moral shortcomings are papered over in an attempt to create a false image with which to brainwash our young.

Soon after that the month of February comes along, wholly dedicated to the few meager achievements of that 12 percentof the population that manages to make up over 60 percentof prisoners and80 percentof violent criminals.

Along comes baseball's spring training and the Jackie Robinson worship begins, with each year an ever increasing level of irrational fixation on the breaking of the color line in baseball. Seeing as how sports is one of the few areas where some positive level of achievement has actually been attained by the "chosen ones," it remains a favorite target of those that would rebuild our society by tearing it down.

Thus in the "spirit of the season" and the multiculturalists search for another example of "diversity" upon which to browbeat white society, comes the story of Willie O'Ree. O'Ree is trumpeted asthe first black hockey player in the NHL.

The problem is there was no barrier to break. While the assumption of the modern day Cultural Marxists that dominatethe news media is that all instances of black and white race relations from the days before the savior (MLK) arrived were based upon some kind of white unfairness to blacks, the facts of this historic first don't fit the agenda.

O'Ree was just another Canuck playing hockey. Sure he was black and probably got some grief for it. No more than a Pollock or a Kraut at a time when people ragged on each other for those types of things. But there was no "barrier." No unspoken agreement not to hire blacks, no organized opposition to their employment. O'Ree was just another marginally skilled hockey player. Fairly light skinned, it may not have even been much of an issue to many people. Certainly all the comments from his ex-teammates are conspicuous that his race never seemed to be an issue.

The differences are significant between O'Ree and Jackie Robinson, another saintly figure in the pantheon of modern secular religious figures, all of whom for some reason in this age of diversity are black. O'Ree didn't have to play in the South so there is no issue of segregation at play. He didn't have to stay at different hotels and eat in different restaurants and use the "colored only" penalty box. Furthermore it's not like there was a negro hockey league with established players "unfairly" being prohibited from being forced upon white fans.

Most importantly of all, and this is an issue that the Marxists insist you forget, the REAL reason Jackie Robinson was brought into the major Leagues was pure capitalism. Yes, it's nice to think that Branch Rickey was such a racially enlightened person, but what Rickey wanted most of all was the money of black people that was being spent on the local New York Negro League teams. New York, with a large black population, had several negro teams going at the time and with that kind of "revenue generating possibility" Rickey wanted a cut of that lucre. He was competing against the Yankees and Giants in a crowded, highly competitive market and adding a chunk of fans and their money was good for business.

On the other hand O'Ree's revenue generating possibilities were about zero. He wasn't an especially good player and as for the number of black people that were willing to buy a ticket to a hockey game, well that would number in the single digits.

Thus O'Ree was not unfairly excluded because of race, he brought no benefitsas far as increasedattendance, which means he did not represent any sizable group interests. In fifty years he was never a matter of interest, and now that he is, the question begs to be asked: Why? The answer is simple and depressing.

Hockey is the last major pro sport with an unchallenged white dominance. Players, coaches, fans, refs, announcers, nearly everybody involved in the game is white. We know from a cursory glance at the media that anything positively associated with the white race is subject to critical scrutiny and media denigration. The multiculturalists have been at the throat of hockey for years. They have tried to kill it with poor TV exposure, with insulting attack pieces in major sports magazines; they have even tried to ignore it. Yet year in and year outNHL games are well attended, the skill level grows, and plenty of lily-white people are making lots of moneyfrom itand enjoying it immensely. All in the near complete absence of the media's favorite minority.

Furthermore, the players reinforce the stereotype of white people as polite, intelligent, hard-working, and nice. Meanwhile the black/brown sports teeter from one pathological scandal to the next. Drugs, assaults, attacks, rape, robberies, killings, even animal cruelty for God's sake. The non-hockey news is as likely to feature the same violent ugly headlines as the non-sports news. And for the same reason.

The enemies in our midst MUST find a way to drag hockey into that morass, they must somehow paint it as bad in some way, there is just not enough scandal or ugliness in the sport and so it shines as a beacon of hope to many white fans. So they drag out a black hockey player from fifty years ago and try to insinuate his presence is a sign of some wrong, some great sin, the greatest sin of all, which for them is the "sin" of white racism.

So news stories are written that recite his tale of woe, how a fan in some small rink called him "Sambo" or some such other life-changing insult that he had to overcome or die. Fifty years! Fifty years they cry and yet still hockey is as white as snow. Oh the injustice, the unfairness! Poor Willie O'Ree, who has devoted his life to bringing the game to inner cities, how he must have struggled to get poor black kids skates and pucks so they could realize their life-long ambition to be another Gordie Howe.

The whole issue is so ridiculously contrived, so artificially phony, so mind-numbingly fake, that if it weren't taken so seriously it would be laugh-out-loud funny. Has the world we live in become one big satire? Are there not thousands, no, millions, of people that look at this stuff and shake their heads? How could the thing be taken with a single grain of seriousness?

It is worse than the propaganda churned out by the old Soviet Union or some other communist regime. In those cases everyone, even the creators of the stuff, were aware that it was phony junk cranked out to follow a mindless agenda. But with issues like the Willie O'Ree saga there is dead serious writing by supposedly educated sports writers who are too stupid or too brainwashed or too naïve to see it.

The Willie O'Ree issue is a joke. An aged black man traveling around the country on the dime of white guilt bringing the sport of hockey to nobody. He's like a trained monkey trotted out to the white masses to inculcate some retroactive guilt of which there is none, yet they will try their mightiest to squeeze out some hosanna of praise amongst those who are so mentally weak and morally soft that they will not stand firm against the lies and the deceptions. Don't be one of them.
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Nov 2, 2004
Bravo, J.B. Cash! And thank you for debunking the Willie O'Ree myth. The NHL is indeed the great White hope. It's the only major sport I follow. It's filled with White Warriors. Thank God.

The O'Ree garbage is surpassed only by media Jarome Iginla worship. Blacks in the NHL are not an issue. About 3% of the league are negro players, and pretty much all of them are accepted and blend in with their teams with nary a thought. Some Black goons are/were an eyesore, but mostly there are just a handful of negroes in Canada who picked up a stick and learned to play hockey.

Your article is outstanding. Keep up the good work!

JB Cash

Feb 22, 2005
Thanks as always Realgeorge, I thought you might like the column as you're one of the few big hockey fans on the forum. Went to a hockey game the other night, what a treat, great game, great fans, everyone was well behaved and polite. I can't imagine why that was?

I'm glad you mentioned Iginla, I was going to mention him in the column, I'm sure Willie O'Ree was a big inspiration for the young Jerome
. Maybe someday Iginla will be traveling the streets of Detroit or Newark looking for hockey talent.
Oct 24, 2005
What ever happened to Tony Mckegney? Doesn't he have the record for most goals scored by a black guy? I think he scored about thirty in one season.

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
HBO has a documentary running during Black History Month (once known as February) about Joe Louis called "Joe Louis: America's Hero. . . Betrayed." Interesting isn't it that a black man could have been "America's Hero" during the 1930s and '40s, even if he was then somehow later"betrayed." Wasn't America hopelessly segregated then, run by white supremacists who were supported by the white supremacist masses? Weren't blacks being denigrated and persecuted on a daily basis when they weren't being lynched and framed for crimes they didn't commit? Didn't whites despise them in every way possible?

Yet Louis was America's "hero." Sports Illustrated this week, writing about the documentary, calls Louis "The People's Champ," and notes that "after crushing [Max] Schmeling in '38, Louis's popularity rivaled that of the retired Babe Ruth."

Maybe White Americans in the Jim Crow era weren't quite as "evil" and "racist" as the Cultural Marxists make them out to be. Or maybe they were just easily manipulated, as they are today. Louis gained greatly in popularity by beating the "Nazi" Schmeling, whoAmericans were told was fighting on behalf of Hitler.The same racial dynamics were at work during the 1936 Summer Olympics, resulting in the lionizing of Jesse Owens. Even then Americans were easily swayed by simplistic appeals to patriotism, and of supposed battles of pure good versus pure evil. Whatever racial consciousness white Americans had even 70 years ago was effortlessly trumped by unthinking hatred of whatever sinister foreign enemy or menacethey were told threatened them.

White Americans of the 1930s would undoubtedly be appalled beyond beliefto seehow twisted society has become since that era -- in fact a few of them are still around -- but the path to todaywas paved by the same pattern repeating throughout U.S. history, or at least since Washington decided to become a full-fledgedempire -- endless warmongering achieved by demonizing foreign opponents and then going to war "defensively" after the "enemy" conveniently goaded America into war through a "galvanizing" event (the blowing up of the Maine, the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, etc.). Endless war and endless demonizing of supposed enemies both foreign and domestic has made erasingracial consciousness among white Americans much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Oh, and speaking of the current issue of SI, what else does it contain? Two articles critical of Roger Clemens, the second one also taking shots at Lance Armstrong as both are "headstrong Texans"; an 8-page article on Johann Santana joining the Mets ("The Savior of Port St. Lucie"); and a 9-page tribute to the slam dunk.

In spite of the hero worship conferred on the likes of Joe Louis and Jesse Owens, the America First movement was very strong in the '30s; its failure to stem the strong incoming tide (tidal wave?) of rabid internationalism, central government expansion, corporatism and Zionism back then may have been America's last chance at redemption without at the very least undergoing great suffering and tribulation.Edited by: Don Wassall
Jan 5, 2005
United States
This is one of the biggest problems we have as a society. Those with this cultural marxist agenda take their ethics and values and project them back upon the people of history, completely out of context with the world that they lived in. When Whites had slaves, they weren't evil, they truly believed (as did most in their day) that Blacks were sub-human and incapable of existing above a "savage" level without the guidance and supervision of Whites. I'm not saying that there weren't evil slave owners, but the mindset that allowed slavery to exist was completely different then the one that exists in our culture today. The way they demonize the Klan is the same. When the Klan began, it was a positive force for the Whites living in the reconstruction era south and was not evil, or out to murder innocent Blacks.

The other funny thing, and there is a guy who just wrote a book about this and is making the rounds on talk radio, is that overwhelmingly totalitarian dictatorships have arisen from the left. Nazism was a leftist movement, and yet today it is wholly identified with the far-right, which is perposterous. National-SOCIALISM was just communism without the international worker ideal, it was collectivism for the German people of Europe. Go down the list, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pot, Castro all Leftists. Our popular perception of History is almost wholly built upon propaganda and in some cases, such as the Holocaust, they are beyond scholarly review under penalty of personal &professional ruin.

I personally don't believe in some sort of organized central conspiracy that is causing these things to happen, I think its just a case of people being misled from many different factions. This is causing people to believe that up is down and left is right and anyone who questions them is wholly marginalized by one simple word, "racist". That one word is all 90% of the population, founded or unfounded, needs to hear to completely dismiss someone's point of view. Its sick, and it is destroying Western Culture. The British Empire will someday be seen in the same light that we now see Rome, the United States will simply be a faction that rebelled and prospered then eventually crumbled (something along the lines of Byzantium). The sad truth is that this time there may not be a White homeland for our people to regroup and start again, it will likely need to be carved out of the hands of the Barbarians.

Sorry, off on a tangent again....

Alpha Male

May 22, 2005
"I personally don't believe in some sort of organized central conspiracy that is causing these things to happen, I think its just a case of people being misled from many different factions. "

You don't beleive the Illuminati have anything to do with any of this?


Sep 11, 2021
Another terrific article that needs reading. The stupid illuminati comment above notwithstanding.