Will Herring


Jul 29, 2008
Good news, Leroy Hill is out for up to 5 games, and Will Herring will be replacing him on the line-up.

Of course, I'm again listening to local sports radio today and it's the show with Brock Huard and his side kick. They are talking about this exact topic, and Brock is very complementary of Herring, much to my surprise.

"Will Herring is ready for this opportunity. He had the quickness to be good on coverage. He played safety at Auburn for 3 years and grew into a linebacker. The defense should not miss a beat."

The side-kick, who is an absolue douche-bag (and sounds like one), responds this way:

"Well, now that Herring is in the line-up, he's the weak-link on that defense. If I'm an offensive coordinator, I go after him on every play. In fact, may be the Hawks should bring back DD Lewis (the guy they cut because Herring beat him out in training camp
). Or, look into signing any veterans who may be out there."


It's almost as if, some of these white sports analysts/commentators/announcers actually look forward to the opportunity to mock and critize white players. It's truly sickening and unbelievable.