What a story!


Hall of Famer
Feb 6, 2005
Mark Wilson won the Honda Classic last week. It was his first win in 111 tries. He should win an award for sportsman of the year. Why? He heard his caddie give some advice to another player, so he summoned an official and docked himself two shots. He missed a putt at the eighteenth hole and was forced into a playoff. If he had kept his mouth shut he would have won easily.

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But Wilson's score included a two-stroke penalty from his round of 66 on Friday, after Jones made a major goof.

On the fifth tee Friday, Jones overheard Villegas and his caddie talking about club selection at that par-3 hole. Jones blurted out, "It's an 18-degree," referring to the hybrid club that Wilson carries in his bag.

Offering advice to competitors like that is against the rules, and Wilson knew it. So he summoned a rules official at the next hole and docked himself two shots.

"I felt like I almost cost us this tournament Friday," said Jones, who cried after Friday's round and was fighting tears after Wilson got the win Monday. "But he hung in there and knew I didn't mean to do it. It was just a mental error. ... A lot of guys wouldn't have even called it on themselves."