US Boxing is dead


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Oct 15, 2004
US Boxing is dead

Anyone that sat through the snoozefest that was the “fight of the centuryâ€￾ has to ask themselves: “this is the best they got?â€￾ Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao put a good chunk of people to sleep with their incredibly lazy match that Mayweather won by (I think) a 1-0 score from the refs. All those millions paid to two aging, unentertaining fighters, all those people paying thousands for seats, all those poor suckers that coughed up fees for pay-per-view.

Why was any money or effort wasted on this fight? Clearly there are people that are trying to summon up glamorous memories from years ago when US black fighters were winning titles and making headlines. They have hyped up a slightly talented midget (Mayweather) who’s best ability is running away, and an exotic foreigner (Pacquiao) whose best attribute was his ability to avoid steroid testing, and tried to play it off as if it was a must-see boxing match. Even though the fighters were about as tall as junior high school boys and tipped the scale at the weight of a typical junior high school girl.

It is just another effort by the sports complex to continue the lie that black men are the biggest and the baddest guys around and thus be afraid whitey, be very afraid. Keep paying out tons of welfare, and affirmative action and Section 8 housing or these bad asses are going to come get you in your comfortable suburbs.

But that lie has become painfully obvious. American blacks aren't physically imposing, they're fat. And American blacks are too lazy to box anymore. They are overweight and out of shape, the few that are not play football, actually if you watched the NFL draft a lot of the fat and out of shape ones also play football. Since it is a rule that every major (and most minor) football programs have to be majority black there are plenty of spots open for even the most talentless, ignorant, thug.

Thus there is no reason for a black American to climb out of bed before noon and put in effort getting in shape and then go through the arduous task of getting your head pounded for a few years to earn a shot at a title. Much easier to sit back and collect Uncle Sam’s bottomless benefits. If they feel like having a little work out, they can go out and riot a little bit, with the worst thing that can happen to them is a short stay in the local county hotel (jail) where they can have all the drugs and sex with their homies they want.

Because boxing has completely collapsed in the US, it is now a European sport. Specifically Eastern European. A majority of the champs and many of the contenders above the middle weight class are from the area of the old communist European Bloc.

The white dominance of boxing was compiled nicely by some boxing fans here at Caste Football, this post by “Boxing Specialist 2 and his comments sum it up nicely:
Wladimir Klitschko (IBF, WBO, WBA Super at heavyweight)
Ruslan Chagaev (WBA Regular at heavyweight)
Denis Lebedev (WBA at cruiserweight)
Grigory Drozd (WBC at cruiserweight)
Marco Huck (WBO at cruiserweight)
Sergey Kovalev (IBF, WBO, WBA super at light heavyweight)
Jurgen Brahmer (WBA regular at light heavyweight)
Carl Froch (IBF, WBA unified at super middleweight)
Arthur Abraham (WBO at super middleweight)
Fedor Chudinov (WBA interim at super middleweight)
Gennady Golovkin (WBC interim, WBA Super at middleweight)
Andy Lee (WBO at middleweight)
Dmitry Chudinov (WBA interim at middleweight)
Evgeny Gradovich (IBF at featherweight)
Vasyl Lomachenko (WBO at featherweight)
Scott Quigg (WBA regular at super bantamweight)
Carl Frampton (IBF at super bantamweight)
Jamie McDonnell (WBA regular at bantamweight)
Omar Narvaez (WBO at super flyweight)
Hekkie Budler (WBA at minimumweight)

In case you're wondering that means whites have a total of 26 titles, out of a total of claimed 87 titles, which means whites hold 30% of all titles. This is more than any other race in boxing currently. Whites are dominating this sport, and honestly if you look at the trends in amateur boxing, this is only going to continue well into the future.

Also, keep in mind there are a few "borderline" whites which I didn't include in this count, they include: Danny Garcia, Richar Abril, Jessie Vargas, Juan Reveco, David Sanchez, Jesus Cuellar, Jhonny Gonzalez. If you had included these guys, whites would account for closer to 45% of all titles.

What's interesting is that you'll notice middleweight and above is absolutely dominated by whites. We have the best fighter in *every* weight class north of middleweight. We have 3 titles in all of heavyweight, cruiserweight, light heavyweight, super middleweight, and middleweight. (Though admittedly super middle and middle are fragmented).

Golovkin will clean out middleweight and will probably have all the belts by next year, and I fully expect Kovalev and Klitschko to add the WBC titles as well. So next year, I'd expect even more white champions.

So go ahead drunk white USA boxing fans, cough up big bucks to see two fading dwarfs sleepwalk through 12 rounds, the REAL fighters are young, white and crushing the weak US competition from the few blacks over 150 pounds that are willing to step in the ring with them.

And one more thing. Do not ever again bring up Mike Tyson as some sort of boxing heavyweight god that symbolized the era when boxing was “greatâ€￾. If he was in his prime now he would get CRUSHED by any number of Euro heavyweights and if he stepped in the ring with the current champ Wladimir Klitschko, he would end uplike another phony champ: Mohammad Ali, speechless and shaking.


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Mar 18, 2007
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Nice article J.B! The DWF's have an excuse for everything though. Apparently, the heavyweight champion is somewhere in the NBA or NFL


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Jan 9, 2005
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Another nice piece, Mr. Cash! It is nice to see that most mainstream sports sites are rightfully criticizing the fight, fighters, and fans who got fooled again into thinking it would be more than what it turned out to be. I do hope for Gayfeather to experience some time of career ending injury, as he's even closer to Rocky's 49-0 record. Even though Rocky faced good competition and was a heavyweight, the anti-white media and DWFs won't care if Gayfeather does pass the almost 60 year old record up.


Sep 11, 2021
Great article. To say nothing of the Gypsy King - Tyson Fury

It no coincidence that the media make less of a big deal about boxing since whites re-ascended in it.

white Americans doing well at it though? Seems as unlikely to me as great white American nba players.