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Oct 15, 2004
I am not a big soccer fan but how can an American oriental family have a son with the last name of Ching and not name the kid "Cha".


May 13, 2006
This is how the AP summarized the US's loss to Ghana.

"With thousands of red, white and blue-clad fans cheering them on in Franken-Stadion, the Americans fell flat against a Black Stars team that was stronger and faster. Surprising Ghana advanced along with Italy from Group E"
Jan 13, 2006
Of the 15 all prodominatly white teams who entered the world cup 11 have advanced into the round of 16.

Those who advanced include....

Those whoe failed to advance include...
Czech Republic
Serbia & Montenegro

The non white teams to advance include...

Of those non white teams only Brazil is favored to advance further into the tournament. They will play Ghana next.

Mexico will play Argentina
Ecuador will play England
France will play Brazil

To put this into historical context. In 2002 7 non white teams made it into the round of 16 vs. 5 this year. In 2002 Senegal, Turkey, South Korea, and Brazil all made it into the Quarterfinals. It appears that only one non white team will advance to the Quarterfinals this year. In 2002 three non white teams made it into the semi finals; those being Brazil, Turkey, and South Korea and just one white team (Germany). This years world cup is going quite well for us thus far.

When France held the world cup in 1998 6 non white teams made it into the round of 16. Those being Mexico, Brazil, Niger, France, Paraguay and Chile (mostly mezito).

In 1994 four non white teams made it to the round of 16. Brazil, Niger, Mexico and Saudi Arabia

In 1990 four teams made it. Cameroon, Columbia, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

In 1986 four teams made it. Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguy.

Prior to the 1986 world cup a different system was used in determining who would advance so comparisons can not be made. Although it appears that prior to 1982 the World cup was mostly white, with few exceptions. Prior to 1998 I assume that the French team was mostly white. I consider Uraguay and Argentina white becasue government figures show both countries to be at least 90% white and ten percent "mixed" white and Ameridian. Chilli is a mostly white country but has produced several mostly, but not prodominatly, white teams. Government figures show that Paraguay is 90% mixed white and Ameridian so I assume that Paraguay has aways had a mixed team.

In Conclusion, while it looked like Soccer would become a mostly non white sport in 2002, it looks as if whites are re-stablishing themselves in this sport. Unfortunatly the American media acts as if soccer is a Black sport and many Americans think this. Notice how much coverage ESPN has been giving the French team. They didn't even win their group. Notice how the media acts as if African teams are making strides even though they have been advancing in this thing for decades. Senegal made it to the quarterfinals last time. If Brazil wins this year then we will never hear the end of it, people will conceed that soccer is a black sport. Go Germany.

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Feb 16, 2006
Actually Brazil' teams previously have been less black/mulatoo and more mestizo/white. Most Turks because of their longing to be part of Europe consider themselves white, most Europeans and all racist Europeans don't...........


Nov 25, 2004
The media's new soccer darling is Ghana - big surprise. The multi-cultural PC looking U.S. Team lost because of a controversial penalty kick awarded to Ghana.

What most people don't know is that Ghana also beat the number 2 ranked Czech team on the vise of a couple controversial calls. After going down by a goal early, the Czech team had a goal called back on a controversial off side call before the first half. Later in the match the Ghana team was awarded a penalty kick and the Czech team lost a player due to a bogus call. This call was far worse than the one vs. the U.S. yet recieved no attention from the media. It seems the Ghana team has also been the referees darling.

Check out the bogus call on the link below - I could see no contact. The czech team had to play the match a man down and gave up a penalty kick for this call.

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Dec 22, 2004
It would be great news for caste if a predominantly white team won. France is like the USA. They have disbanded most of their white athletes-see soccer, basketball and filled up rosters with blacks. Mexico--if by three race rule they are what--Indian-Spanish which makes them Euro-Indian but where do Amerie Indians place--I guess Asian. So not black but not all white?? More like a whiter version of an asian team? The Ghana call was bad but after watching games the refs universally suck it seems--lots of ??? calls.
Bottom line is USA still doesn't deserve to move on.


Oct 11, 2005
Triad said:
This is how the AP summarized the US's loss to Ghana.

"With thousands of red, white and blue-clad fans cheering them on in Franken-Stadion, the Americans fell flat against a Black Stars team that was stronger and faster. Surprising Ghana advanced along with Italy from Group E"

I knew the reaction of an all Black team beating the predominately White US side would draw the sort of racial connotations of Blacks possesing more strength and speed.I watched the game and the US team was not only unlucky but also had the better of the game physically.They were bigger,faster and dominated the aerial battles,outjumping and winning all the headers against their African opponents particularly in the second half.This collunmist must have been watching a different game.I consider the game a draw as Ghana's winning spot kick was dubious,some would consider an outright robbery.Bruce Arena was furious to say the least,sarcastically applauding the German referee off at half time.I feel their was foul play involved as a huge amount of attention has been made of the fact that Ghana are Africa's only side out of five to make the second round.Had they not won this game,their would have been a fair chance of them being eliminated from the tournament. The referee was most probably given directives to guarantee their passage through to the knock out stages with biased officianating.

Ghana were outclassed in the all important first game of the tournament which every team wants to win in order to put points on the board and gather momemtum by all White Italy.They dominated in similar fashion,overpowering the Ghana team with speed,movement and midfield strength,and had it not been for poor Italian finishing the game would have been a thrashing.You would never read an equivalent statement of the Italians possesing more speed and strength than their African opponents though.
Jan 13, 2006
"Turks consider themselves to be white"

The people of that country lost their white status when they named their nation "Turkey" in respect to the Asian Turks whom invaded the Ottoman Empire and mixed with the rest of the population. This being just before the Empires collapse. They continued to immigrate to present day Turkey there after. Today the average Turkish person is of roughly 25% Asian decent.

Persians can be considered white. Iran is 40% Persian and their soccer team featured mostly Perisans. There are small populations of Persians throughout the Middle East, this includes Turkey. However their numbers are in decline so the entire Middle East is basically a lost cause. No use in considering any Middle Eastern countries white countries just because they have small historic white populations.