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Oct 15, 2004
Can a white man go sub 10 in the 100 meters?

All of this talk about sprinting & track is very interesting.
What everyone wants to know is whether any white man
can run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds? Running a
sub 20 in the 200 meters is also extremley difficult with
only around 25 people approximately to acheive this
feat. The funny thing though is that 3 white guys have
done it. P. Mennea, M. Urbas, and K. Kenteris. Urbas &
Kenteris are still running today. In fack K. Kenteris is the
Olympic, World, & European Champion over 200 meters
and hasn't lost a major 200 meter race in around 4 years
now. Hold on, hes white, this can't be happening! LOL!
Anyways, a sub 20 is like 2 sub 10's in a row. There have
been 39 sub 10's in the 100 but only 1 was by a man
not of western african ancestry. That was last year by
Patrick Johnson,half irish half aboriginee. Can it be done?
The 2 most likely guys are Shirvo & Macro who have both
run a 10.03. Once this is done, it will prove like all the
other b.s. that whites are indeed, not inferior. White kids
need role models, including sprinters so that they can
dream about being the fastest man in the world. Since
the 60's, the US has fought to keep most exceptional
white athletes of the track,field, and courts. Lets hope
this is the start of something big.It starts with the first
athlete to do it.
colonel callan
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(6/8/04 11:24 pm)
Reply sub 10

There are no doubt whites with the ability, but we need a much larger pool of whites actually competing in the event. I think whites have been successful in the 200 and 400 because the advantage blacks have - getting up to full speed a bit quicker - is their main advantage in the 100 meters, the key to their success. Their overwhelming superiority comes from the continuously shrinking numbers of whites trying the event.
white lightning
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(6/8/04 11:45 pm)
Reply re:sprinting

Thanks for your input. I however disagree. I think more
elite white sprinters excel over 60 meters than 100.
There have been several whites to be the fastest man
in the world over 60 meters indoors in the last few
decades. In the 100, they seem to tighten up more and
don't retain their speed as well. This can be overcome
with the proper training. I agree that its mainly about
the few amount of sprinters in the 100. We need to get
more kids involved in track at a early age and keep them
there. Its also possible that alot that might have been
elite sprinters opted for other sports. When it does happen, it will start a wave or reimmurgence of
white sprinters similar to the 50's & 60's!
colonel callan
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(6/9/04 6:40 pm)
Reply Indoor wins

Thanks. But it's my turn to disagree. The whites that have won the indoor 60 meter titles did so because whites almost always have faster reactions. Look at the reaction times out of the blocks, and generally, whites will have the fastest times even in the 100, but aren't running the race as fast. Those guys in the indoor 60's were losing ground to blacks coming up quick. And, a lot of top sprinters have been ignoring the indoor World's for the last 15 years.

That said, I still think a larger number of whites will have to compete to "even" things out. I think that we are seeing more whites in the 400 this year because there is an element of strength-endurance involved, and whites have an edge over blacks in this area.

Aside from sprinting, another shocking development has been the rise of Alan Webb in the 1500 meters. He broke Jim Ryun's HS record back in 2001, then had been injured and sick. However, this season he has come on, improving each week. Last night, he took on the top Kenyans and Algerians and won the race with another PR, worth about 3:49.5 in the mile. (He ran 3:32.7 in the 1500) It's interesting that he and another white went 1 - 2 in the race, when the US media and European make it seem as if Kenyans are unbeatable. Kenya's top miler, Bernard Lagat, who was caught using EPO last year (and then let go, with the IAAF even now saying he was let off on a technicality! while his people claim he had a negative on a test of his b sample)finished fourth. He shouldn't even be running. Considering the way EPO and Repoxygen work, I would bet he'll get a booster shot going into the Games in August, and all of a sudden be running much faster. Unless officials are on top of him, which is doubtful. They allowed a Frankenstein monster to be created, and it will be hard to knock it down. At least the BALCO mess and revelations about the USATF covering up for doped sprinters like Carl Lewis and Marion Jones is getting some (but only a little) attention.
colonel callan
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(6/9/04 6:45 pm)
Reply ooops

BTW - I almost forgot to respond to the remark about "tightening up". Some white guys tend to tense up, but not all. Most sprinters, white or black, at the top end, seem to stay loose. Kevin Little used to maintain his form for example. I can still remember Little running a sub 45 400 at Mt. Sac, and many, many whites in the crowd seemed to scared to even cheer or clap as he whipped a field of blacks. I couldn't resist yelling "There goes the neighborhood!" which in fact garnered laughs from a few - mostly black, glares from others - mostly white, or was outright ignored. SI commented on the race in an article on "What Happened to the White Athlete" and mentioned how subdued the crowd was. I think a lot of whites were afraid blacks would physically attack them, more so than the surprise over Little running that fast. I always thought Little should have concentrated on the 400, as his start was never really good enough, even for the 200, as fast as he was.
white lightning
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(6/10/04 11:43 pm)
Reply re:sprinting

Kosta Kenteris ran a 10.18 100 meters today in Greece into a -0.5 wind. He is the 200 meter Olympic, World, & European Champion. He is almost untouchable in the 200 meters and has run a top time of 19.85! He is around
30-31 now but what frustrates me is that he has the
talent to run a sub 10 in the 100 but rarely ever races
it. Kenteris has run under 10.20 many times and seems to do it with ease. I truely believe if he would focus on
the 100 meters, he would have been the first to run it
in under 10 seconds. The reason I believe this is because
there are very few elite white sprinters who ever crack
the 10.20 barrier & they train only for that event. Kenteris has the tools but will probably not choose to
ever run just the 100. I would love it though if he
shocked us all in Athens & was secretly training to do
the 100/200 double or if he just ran the 100. Either way
he is the best white sprinter in the world and one of the
best that has ever lived.
colonel callan
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(6/11/04 10:34 pm)
Reply Kenteris

Kenteris ran a great time for his opening effort of the season. He is second to none when it comes to putting the hammer down at the big meets. I can still remember the slack-jawed faces of people watching the Oly final and the World Champs final a year later. A white guy bursting away from the field over the last 30 meters. Admittedly, he will have a job on his hands this year, with the Jamaican kid (Bolt) having run under 20 seconds already. Whether or not he's really 17 as the Jamaicans claim is another story. Maybe, maybe not. The Africans have been caught lying about runner's ages many times - but it's ignored, and they keep doing it. Kenteris is no kid either, he's over 30, but if he can peak as he did in '00, '01, and '02, they can probably hand him the gold. Then again, now that the truth is out about the USATF covering up for such legends as Carl Lewis, well, we'll see what shoe and TV money do to help out John Capel of the US. (If any of you want links to the stories about Lewis and others regarding drugs, I'll post them. The arrogance from the guilty parties, especially Lewis, is galling. He openly admits to using drugs but says "So what?". Every one of his gold medals should be stripped. As another side note, it turns out that the top 5 finishers in the '88 100 meter final were doped, but only Ben Johnson was tagged and bagged. Shoe and TV money rule.)
white lightning
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(6/12/04 2:27 pm)
Reply re:sub ten

Hey Colonel Callan, you are right about the 1988 100
Meters Final. It has been reported by some sources that
7 out of the 8 sprinters were on some type of drugs! Blacks have a slight advantage naturally because they
have higher testosterone levels. Its funny though that
the black women don't have near the advantage that
the black men do in the sprints. There are many world
records in the sprints held by white women to this day.
Why is that? Even 3 of the top women sprinters today
are Zhanna Block, E Thannou, & Kim Gevaurt! These
women can beat anyone out there when they are on
their peak in training. Block was the fastest women in
the world in 2001 in the World Champs in Canada over
100 meters. She dethroned Marion Jones. Its been a long
time since a white man did that. Anyways, can you tell
me any up and coming white male sprinters that you can
think of. I'm curious if you know any that I don't.Thanks.
white lightning
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(6/13/04 7:04 pm)
Reply re:sub ten in the 100

Heres a few guys to keep an eye on for next track season in college in the 100 meters. Matt Bruno of
UCLA a junior, Dusty Stamer of Nebraska a senior,
Steve Koehnemann of ASU a sophmore, and Drew Morano of Colorado State a sophmore. Any more guys
with alot of talent that you guys can think of? I know
a bunch at the Int'l Level.
colonel callan
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(6/13/04 7:16 pm)
Reply white speed

Bruno stunned folks out here in CA, when he won the 100 and 200 meter State titles in HS. Hopefully, he will progress, but a lot of PAC 10 schools have a tradition of ignoring white kids on the roster while putting all their effort in developing blacks. I can remember a white kid - I can't recall his name at the moment - who was running 45 for USC about 6 or 8 years ago - and people told me he was doing much of it on his own, with the coaching staff concentrating on the blacks. I don't know how true that is, but I do know he bailed out of track because after college he had to work, couldn't get sponsorship. Yet black guys he beat at the PAC 10 and NCAA's were put under Nike's wing, etc.
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(6/14/04 3:18 am)
Reply Picture of Nic beating the world record holder in the 100!

C My Documents\My Pictures\39.jpg

This is a picture of Nicolas Macrozonaris of Canada
beating the worlds fastest man, Tim Montgomery in
a race last year in Mexico. He ran a 10.03 to win!
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(6/14/04 8:17 pm)
Reply Macrozonaris

I saw that picture. Awesome. I read that Macrozonaris ran a wind-assisted sub-10. It's not quite there, but it's extremely close.

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(6/14/04 10:36 pm)
Reply Re: Macrozonaris

Where's the picture? All that I see on white lightening's post is this: "C My Documents\My Pictures\39.jpg" which isn't a picture or a link, at least on my computer. I'd like to see this guy.
colonel callan
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(6/14/04 11:17 pm)
Reply macrozonaris website

No one has put up any pictures of Wariner winning the National Title yet. Same thing happened last year with the Minnesota boys. It'll take a day or two for the shock to wear off.

An even bigger shock to the powers that be is Andrew Rock. He has run 44.6 - and he's from a div.III school. As fast as he was in HS, he couldn't get an offer to a big school. This happens to almost all top flight white HS sprinters. Or if they go to a big school, they are offered "partials".
white lightning
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(6/15/04 12:01 am)
Reply re:sprinters

The website for Macro is awesome and with him being
half greek, Athens could be his big show in front of his
people. Has anyone went to the other site yet for the
200 meter world champ/olympic champ/euro champ?
white lightning
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(6/16/04 2:55 am)
Reply re:Kenteris

Sorry about that bad link. I didn't enter enough.
white lightning
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(6/23/04 12:38 am)
Reply re:white sprinters

Just a update on Kosta Kenteris. He ran a 20.33 last
weekend to win the Euro Cup. He beat the closest guy
by about 10 yards! He seems to be in fine form and
didn't really have to run that hard into a negative wind.
Choidis of Greece also ran a 10.12 for a new personal
best in the 100 meters. He is closing in on the magical
sub 10. I guess we will start having to call this country,
Greece Lightning!LOL!
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(6/23/04 1:21 am)
Reply Re: re:white sprinters

Greece Lightning! I like that

Just think if Kenteris wins the title of World's Fastest Man before a mostly Greek crowd, beating a field of American blacks and other blacks! The crowd is going to be heavily anti-American anyway; U.S. athletes have already been told not to engage in any but modest displays when they win at Athens. This of course was targeted mainly at the preening, gyrating, classless blacks so common in sports who could care less if there are any fans when they are always their own number one fan.

Could be very interesting if he pulls it off.
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white lightning
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(6/26/04 4:31 pm)
Reply re:white sprinters

I was thinking about the upcoming Olympics in Athens in August. We keep hearing from idiots like Entine that every event from the 100 to the 1500 meters will be won by a black guy!Blah.Blah.Blah! With the exception of
the 100 meters although we may see someone step it
up, the 200 meters and up could all possibly see a white
guy win the gold at every event!

100 - Macrozonaris, Shirvington, Choidis, Chyla
200 - Kenteris, Urbas, Jedunski, Ernst, Wissman
400 - Wariner, Potter, Steele, Rock, Schultz,Benjamin,MacKie
800 - world champ from switzeland,Denmark, can't remember his name, Lunn, Webb, Roedensk
1500 - Alan Webb, Ivan Hesko

All of these guys are more than capable!
colonel callan
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(6/26/04 5:48 pm)
Reply quick oly notes

Whites have a good shot in some events, but it will take a few years for the fight against the brainwashing to have a big effect.

Webb has a shot for a medal in the 1500. He's still a bit young, and develping. The top runner, is El Guerrouj, a Moroccan. He definitely isn't black - so Entine COMPLETELY IGNORES HIM in his books and articles. The other guys with a shot are of course Ivan Heshko - he may have won the 1500 world's last year if he hadn't waited so long with kick. He was 30 meters out with 120 to go - then roared down the stretch to close within 7 meters of El Guerrouj. The French runner (Baala) has a chance to win the 1500 also (Baala has a Moroccan father). He isn't black either.

The 800 - the most talented guy is Borzakovskiy or Russia. Whether he puts it all together remains to be seen. He has the fastest PR of anyone going in - and is the youngest of any of the top 20 runners in the world. The world champ you are thinking of is Andre Bucher of Switzerland, who didn't run much the last two seasons because he broke each of his feet in separate accidents. The Kenyans despise him, as despite all manner of team tactics, he still ran them into the ground every time out for two years straight until his injuries. There's a lot of white contenders in this event. Heck, the defending Olympic Champ is a 25 yr old German, who "shocked" the top favorite, a Kenyan who runs for Denmark. No black has won a World Champs title or Olympic title in this race (outdoors) since 1995. The winners have all been from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Algeria, Russia ...

The 400 will be interesting. Read TAFNews and see what the Minnesota kids had to go through this year besides injuries. NO black athlete would actually have to work jobs like they do, never mind the academic programs they are involved in. Wariner is interesting. He's by far the youngest of any top black contender, but has to be a bit worn down by the long college season. Rock is amazing, having come from a div. III school. Of course, TAFNews barely gives any of the white runners in the US a chance of even making the trials final in this event. Maybe they know something we don't - or maybe some things have already been decided ; ). However, this is the best event in the US right now if we need something to point at to show that American whites can sprint. Can do anything, actually.

200 - Konstantinos Kenteris - if he isn't "too old" and if he's recovered from injuries. You can bet officials are going to do all they can to let certain runners slide through no matter how many drugs are found in their systems, a la Carl Lewis. Shockingly, there is a Japanese runner with a shot for a medal - he finished third at last year's world champs. I would laugh my ass off to see Kenteris win, yet again, with a Japanese runner second. The fumbling by many sportscasters and writers would be something to see.

100 - I suspect this is were blacks will have center stage, for a while longer, anyway. There are some white guys on the verge, they just need to take that last "step" to be right there. I suspect the pressure is far, far beyond whatever some black athlete had to put up with when he lined up against whites 80 years ago, or even compared to what Jackie Robinson supposedly went through. The media wasn't an all consuming force 100 years ago. By the time Robinson showed up, the bulk of the media had been bought up by those who hate whites, hate the West. Those people did nothing but push postive stories about Robinson. You'd think he was a saint - or carried a cross like Jesus into every stadium the way he was presented. Compare that to the ridicule whites endure in the press - and have endured for at least 30 years when it comes to sports.

Of course, whites will dominate the field events. You could see a clean sweep of wins by whites from the long jump to (especially) the triple and high jump. The throws should all be whites at the top end. The decathlon - you might not a non-white make the top 10.

More on the games later - including thoughts on the Olympic basketball tournament. We may see officials duplicating 2000, when they had to call fouls left and right on Europeans to give Americans narrow wins. It was so blatant.

colonel callan
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(6/26/04 5:51 pm)
Reply BTW - a shot of Kenteris ...

For anyone who wonders who he is. He won the Olympics in 2000, then silenced those who called him a fluke by winning the World Champs in '01, and running 19.8 in '02, again beating all of America's best "natural" talents. He was out last season with injuries. Hopefully, the injuries (and age) haven't caught up with him yet.
fix a mistake...

OOOPs - I made a mistake in my earlier comments regarding Wariner in the 400 - he's the youngest of ANY contenders - for some reason I wrote "black" contenders. At the time I was probably thinking how he and the other Whites are younger than all the black contenders save one who is the same age as Wariner. Wariner and Rock have a lot of potential in this event with their fast 200 PR's.
white lightning
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(6/27/04 3:57 am)
Reply re:Wariner

One thing I like about Jeremey Wariner is his confidence.
Most people that are successful in any line of work have
a presence about them. Its like they know they are the
man even before they are. This to me is one of the signs of a driven person. Either in business or in sports,
confidence leads to big & better things. You will only succeed if you try. Wariner is a guy who has the confidence that V. Borzov had and thats why he will be the number 1 400 meter sprinter in the world within the next few years in my opinion. I hope though that he still
dabbles with the 200 th keep his pure sprinting speed up to par. I think he could eventually be dangerous at
the 200 meters down the road too.
colonel callan
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(6/27/04 10:52 pm)
Reply Confidence

That's true. There hasn't been a white sprinter from the US with his sort of confidence since the days of Dave Sime (a guy who routinely beat blacks in the 100 and 200 - being America's top sprinter at the time) in the early 60's. He will be badgered by the media. You can count on it.

Yes, Borzov was supremely confident. So was Pietro Mennea - the former 200 WR holder and Oly gold medalist. Kenteris is a confident guy also.

The mental aspects in many sports are often overlooked. Not by those who hate whites mind you, as they continuously work to derail or destroy any confidence a white may have.
white lightning
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(6/27/04 11:29 pm)
Reply re:white sprinters

Thanks as always for your posts C. Callan. Your knowledge of track is amazing. I learn something new
everyday. Back in 2000, Addidas was going to give Shirvo
a million dollar shoe deal if he could become the first white guy to run a sub 10. He failed, and seems to be
going in the wrong direction. I feel that he should get
a new coach & maybe train in another country. Anyways,
other than Shirvington, you have Macrozonaris, Choidis,
Chyla, and probably Christie Van Wyk as the elite 100
guys go. Can you tell me any other names of pros or
young kids that have a possibility of turning into a star in the 100. I'm always looking for new names to follow.
colonel callan
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(6/29/04 8:15 pm)
Reply more musings

No, you have the current names down pat. There might be a few among the current top HS'ers in the US, but it's the guys running now who will have to put on a good show to get more kids inspired for the future. I really think Kevin Little running the times he did in the mid to late 90's while enduring the worst treatment imaginable from the fans is what got some of these going. Little probably could have dominated the 400 - he ran 44.7 in his only appearance in years. I think some of the guys running fast now saw what Little did that day at the Mt. Sac Relays and it steered them to the event. Little was always concentrating on the 200 - where he did win the indoor World Championship, twice. A feat ignored by the press. Little is in fact the only White sprinter to win a USATF/AAU title in the years 1964 - 2004! Little won his titles at the 200. Beating all black fields. When he won his titles, and when he shocked everyone in the 400 at Mt. Sac, the crowds were almost silent. Was it shock, or were the Whites too intimidated - or something - to cheer?

Thanks for the compliment on track. I actually have a fair amount of knowledge about other sports ... at least I THINK SO ... but the Olympics are coming up. The only time the media concentrates on track is during the Olympics, and I am hoping the college kids, the White kids, can maintain their form for the trials. Just to see the media flounder or worse. However, Track and Field News did show in their latest issue that very few college athletes make the Olympic team. Generally, the numbers have been dropping over the years. It's not that the competition is so much harder as it is the fact that the collegiate athletes have to run so many races. Anyone who has competed in track at the college level knows that you eventually get burned out, stale. When that happens, the only cure is several weeks off, and then you lose conditioning. But the success of guys like Potter (who ran superbly this past weekend) hopefully bodes well for the future.
white lightning
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(6/30/04 3:42 am)
Reply re:white sprinters

I just thought I would let you guys know that Jeremey
Wariner is going to try to make the team in the 200 and
the 400 in the Olympic Trials. Inless he changes his mind,
he is on the list for the 200 race too! This is exciting but
I wonder after a long season if he should be trying to
double at the Trials. It could really affect him with not
having enough left to make the team in the 400 where
he is one of the favorites. Either way, I wish him well.
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(6/30/04 7:21 pm)
Reply | Edit Re: re:white sprinters

As research for an article I am writing I was wondering if anybody can shed any light on which runners below can plausibly be associated with performance enhancing drugs. I know Tim Montgomery and Carl Lewis are under suspicion. Can anybody make a case agianst any of the others?

The best 100-meter sprinters of the last 20 years
Maurice Greene
Tim Montgomery
Donovan Bailey
Carl Lewis
Leroy Burrell
Frank Fredericks
Linford Christie
Ato Boldon
Dennis Mitchell
Jon Drummond

As of Friday, 44 men have run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds a total of 266 times. The following 28 have done it more than once:
Runner---- Races under 10 seconds----Fastest
Maurice Greene 44 9.79
Ato Boldon 28 9.86
Frank Fredericks 27 9.86
Tim Montgomery 17 9.78
Carl Lewis 15 9.86
Donovan Bailey 15 9.84
Dennis Mitchell 12 9.91
Jon Drummond 10 9.92
Leroy Burrell 9 9.85
Linford Christie 9 9.87
Dwain Chambers 7 9.87
Bruny Surin 7 9.84
Andre Cason 5 9.92
Bernard Williams 5 9.94
Kim Collins 4 9.98
Davidson Ezinwa 4 9.94
Seun Ogunkoya 4 9.92
Calvin Smith 4 9.93
Olapade Adeniken 3 9.95
Mike Marsh 3 9.93
Francis Obikwelu 3 9.97
Obadele Thompson 3 9.87
Deji Aliu 2 9.95
Shaun Crawford 2 9.94
Daniel Effiong 2 9.98
Coby Miller 2 9.98
Leonard Myles-Miles 2 9.98
Ray Stewart 2 9.96
colonel callan
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(6/30/04 9:42 pm)
Reply here's some info, more to come in a day or so...

I'll post you some more material I have in a day or so - I get my posts in here between work and home "work" - the article I've posted below was written BEFORE all the samples from last year's World Championships were re-tested for THG. The total results of that testing haven't been publicly revealed, as of course the situation in the US is a mess, with Marion Jones doing her dance right now, and American officials supposedly trying their best to keep her and others from being derailed. It's a good thing BALCO fouled up when it came to the IRS, and that a fed up competitor sent out an anonymous letter regarding the creation of a "new" steriod (THG). The unrelated incidents dovetailed nicely.

I should preface the article by saying that most informed track fans - who haven't been brainwashed - suspect that the number of top American sprinters (black) who haven't been on some kind of drug the last 20 - 25 years could probably be counted on one hand. It just seems that most black athletes have no compunction when it comes to using drugs - all the while that accusation is aimed at whites. I don't only base on things I've read, I can base it on things other athletes have told me, and from what I saw from athletes I knew personally. One was a world class hurdler who had a dramatic reduction in his times when he began "the juice". The change in his physique was just as dramatic. The muscle definition became much more freakish, the skin gained the "wax fruit" look, the muscles looked harder, denser. And this guy openly told us what he had been using and who he had gotten the drugs from. One of the guys was a former top sprinter, who then moved into the NFL. This guy told us Lewis was doped as well the first day he told us about his own drug use. This was in 1983.

Dwain Chambers' positive drug test means that of the top 12 100-metre sprinters of all time, six have now faced accusations of using banned drugs. And that's before all the samples collected at this summer's World Championships are subjected to re-tests for THG.

9.78sec Tim Montgomery (USA)

9.79sec T Ben Johnson (CAN)

The positive drug test that shocked the world saw the Canadian stripped of his 1988 Olympic gold medal and world record. Fifteen years on, and the best the world has to offer has managed just 0.01sec quicker.

9.79sec T Maurice Greene (USA)

9.84sec T Donovan Bailey (CAN)

9.84sec Bruny Surin (CAN)

9.85sec Leroy Burrell (USA)

9.86sec Carl Lewis (USA)

The only man ever to retain the Olympic 100m title, if only by default after Johnson's disqualification, it was revealed earlier this year that Lewis himself had failed a drug test before those 1988 Games, and was only able to compete because of an American cover-up.

9.86sec Frank Fredericks (NAM)

9.86sec Ato Boldon (TRI)

Training partner of Maurice Greene, working under John Smith, the former 200m world champion escaped with just a warning in 2001 when he tested positive for a stimulant.

9.87sec Linford Christie (GBR)

Tested positive for stimulant at 1988 Olympics but was "given the benefit of the doubt" and went on to win Olympic 100m gold in 1992. Several brushes with doping officialdom later, Christie's career was brought to a close with a steroid positive in 1999.

9.87sec Dwain Chambers (GBR)

Europe's fastest man's track career could be brought to an end by the THG findings announced last week.

9.91sec Dennis Mitchell (USA)

Adverse test for high levels of the hormone testosterone famously saw the American Olympic medallist say that he had had six beers and sex four times with his wife the evening before his test, on her birthday, "because the lady deserved a treat". Despite the excuse, he was banned for two years.

There is little doubt that where there's smoke, there's fire. Lewis was doped, so it's likely so were his training partners, like Leroy Burrel. Ato Bolden was Mo Greene's training partner, and he recieved only a warning. It should be noted that both guys trained under John Smith, whose track club/team is now being looked into for widespread steroid use and abuse, and whose name came up recently in the BACLO investigation.

Ben Johnson's coach Charlie Francis mentioned John Smith as well in his book "Speed Trap" which concerned the Johnson incident at the Seoul games, saying that Smith himself was using dianabol back in the early and mid 70's when he was a world ranked 400 meter runner out of UCLA. The book is a wealth of info, naming names throughout. Many sprinters like Evelyn Ashford screamed they'd sue, but none ever did. Francis said he could prove his accusations and remarks, and everyone backed off and let it blow over. Last year Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery were training under Francis until someone mentioned it in an article - then all Hell broke loose. Francis says he wasn't involved in any drug use or regimen with the pair. He was hired simply to design the training program. This is probably true, as the BALCO people are the ones under the gun for drugs, while Francis, despite negative press, is regarded as having superb insight and training methods when it comes to training sprinters to reach their full potential.

white lightning
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(7/21/04 1:45 am)
Reply re:whites in 100 meters

Let's see, whites can't jump but yet David Lee won the
Nat't High School Slam Dunk Contest 3 years ago, Brent
Barry won the Nba Slam Dunk Contest and I can name
alot of other examples. Point number 2 is that whites
dominate the high jump & triple jump! In every race from
the 200 to the 1500, there are whites that can win it
all. I believe Alan Webb can & will break the world record
eventually in the 1500 & the mile! Hesko is amazing over
those distances too. Kenteris rules the 200, Wariner rules
the 400, and so on. Whites are the strongest athletes in
the world and dominate most sports in the world but yet
we get little or no respect!! The last major hurdle of color
is the 100 meters. The white women have suceeded where the white man has failed over the last few decades. When will a white man run the 100 meters in
under 10 seconds. Whites have run the 200 in under 20
and the 400 in under 45 multiple times. I do not and cannot believe that there are not any whites that can go
sub 10 in the 100 meters!! This needs to happen. This is
the most major argument besides jumping that whites
cannot run fast. We all know this is a lie and the myth
grows everyday. I really hope someone steps up in Athens and puts this myth to rest. Once a few guys run
it in under 10 seconds, then many more will overcome
the myth that it can't be done. I personally will crack open a cold one & drink to the first white sprinter to do
it. Do you guys think it will happen this year or if not,when and by whom?Thanks.
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(7/21/04 8:57 pm)
Reply | Edit Re: re:whites in 100 meters

It is my personal view that 100 meters has never been run under 10 seconds by someone NOT on performance enhancing drugs. ALL repeat ALL sub 10 sec guys have been juiced. So as I figure it NO ONE has run a sub 10 sec 100m.
white lightning
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(7/22/04 2:24 am)
Reply re:white sprinters

Thanks for the post and your probably right that most if
not all have been on some kind of juice to run some of
those amazing times. Armin Harry though ran a 10.00
flat time back around 1960 and I would have to say he
was clean in my opinion. He was the best German Sprinter I have ever seen. I was dissapointed to see
Morne Nagel not be on the South African Olympic Team.
Hes only 25 and has run a 10.13 in the 100 and he the
S.African record holder in the 200 with a 20.10! He also
was the fastest man in the world 2 years ago over 60
meters & beat every sprinter he faced over 8 races.
Explain to me, how Morne could be left off the team when they don't have anyone even close to as good as
him. There was an article though that said, they are worried that their Oly Team is too white. This is track
and the times are what counts. What a joke! On a good
note, Nick Smith the 21 year old Scottish Sprinter was
added to the 4 x 100 relay team for England as a
alternate. Hes run a 10.24 this year and is improving
every day. I'm very happy to see him go to Athens.
colonel callan
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(7/24/04 12:03 am)
Reply sub 10 runners are doped

bjcash - Many track fans have stated the same thing regarding sub 10 performers. Off the top of my head, it's hard to think of any sprinters the last 20 years who I thought might be clean - at least when it comes to blacks. Whites have had to endure actual testing, while it turned out that much of the testing on blacks was for show, Steve Sailer and his ignorance to the contrary. Truth be told, dianabol hit sprinting in 1968 - and it was the Americans who kicked off its use. Read "Speed Trap" by Charlie Francis, he was Ben Johnson's coach - and coached drug bloated Tim Montgomery to the current world record. Of course, Montgomery is one of the runners caught up in the BALCO scandal. The book is interesting in that it names names. Howls of indignation came from black coaches and black runners, and all Francis (who is white) said was "Sue me if I'm lying." Not one taker. From Evelyn Ashford to Flo Jo to Carl Lewis on and on he names names. And now the truth is coming out - and it turns out Francis was telling the truth. Of course, he's a bit PC, but the info is priceless. And his theories on speed and maintaining speed for a given distance (for any runner) have proven to be on the mark. If you can find the book, it's a good read.
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(7/24/04 3:07 am)
Reply re:speed trap

I have to again say that Mr. Callan knows his stuff. No
disrespect to anyone on here. Speed Trap is a
excellent glimpse into the elite world of sprinting.
Francis doesn't give all the secrets away but does
explain how most acheive these superhuman results. Its
funny how for decades that the US has claimed that
only the Russians and East Germans were doping.
LMAO! People are people, and money is the root of all
evil. People kill for money and power. Its always possible
for one to cheat in order to prosper. That being said,
blacks have used the myth of black athletic superiority
to their advantage and who can blame them. They have
a slight advantage in some sports but not near what they or the media will have us to believe! Here is to
disproving this myth that won't go away!!
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(9/29/04 3:34 am)
Reply re:stamer

I just wanted to post this article from a earlier this year about
Dusty Stamer of Nebraska. He was the sprinter/running back
that went to a junior college,was a star tail back and then
walked on a Nebraska. He set the record in the 40 for the
team but they never played him at running back. He quit the
team and joined the track team.After not running track for
3 years, he stepped on the track and excelled right away. I
think this kid could be similar to Wariner in setting the College
Track World on fire. He's one of the fastest white guys that
you will ever see and like Jeremy, turning a bad football
situation into a great track situation! He is a senior this year
and I expect huge things from him.Dusty is probably the best
white 100 US Sprinter to come along in a long time and he
hasn't even been sprinting as long as most.Good luck to him
white lightning
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(10/5/04 12:07 am)
Reply re:white sprinters

Well again we have another emerging superstar out of Greece.
Kenteris & Thannou still haven't been banned because they
have not been able to prove that they were on anything.Time
will tell with them. The 110 high hurdles are looking like a event that the blacks will struggle to compete in soon. One
of the top guys from here got busted for roids/Wade, and
the other guy is getting too old. You have the Olympic Champ
from China Xiu, then you have Olijars from Latvia whos in the
top 3 or 4 in the world,Kronberg from Sweden is coming on
strong, a couple of guys from Russia/UKR, and now this kid
from Greece.He's only 17 and he just broke the All-Time Junior
110 Hurdles Record.His name is Konstatinos Douvalidis and he
is untouchable by anyone in his age group.He can beat most
of the pro's around the world already.Remember to run the
110 Hurdles, you have to have flawless technique,speed, and
rythymn!This kid is so fast that people are in awe.He should
break the world record for the seniors within a couple of years.
Heres the article about him breaking the world juniors record!
Oct 16, 2004
Wariner has gone pro, although he's going to finish school. His
agent is supposedly Michael Johnson. Good grief.


Wariner thinks he's black