Tiger’s Lips


Nov 26, 2006
Call me nuts but this has been bugging me for a long time. In the 2005 Masters, Tiger had an amazing chip in. The one on 16 (been a while so not sure which hole) that turned into the Nike commercial with the ball dropping in at the end. It was clear that Tiger was yelling to his caddie afterward, "It worked, it worked!' But none of the commentators said anything about it. Was Tiger giving his caddie credit for suggesting that type of shot? He could have played it any number of different ways.

Worse was on 18 when it was clear as a bell that Tiger walked up to DiMarco just before DiMarco had to sink the putt to send it into extra holes and said, 'Put it in, Chris." Was this because Tiger was disgusted in himself for giving DiMarco a chance to win or was he playing head games with him? In any case. NO ONE (that I am aware of..........and I really searched) ever asked Tiger or Dimarco what was said. Now, here's my point. It was incredibly easy to read Tiger's lips. Did the commentators go the PC route in thinking that it is inpolitically correct to say that they could read a black man's lips?That is the only conclusion I can come up with. I think it was absolutely extraordinary for a competitor to say anything to another competitor just before he has to make a putt to go to a playoff. Yet, nothing was ever said about it.

White Shogun

Hall of Famer
Mar 2, 2005
Are you really curious about this kind of stuff or are you just thinking of unusual things to post about? First it's that McNabb isn't black enough and now it's about Tiger Woods' lips.

Anyway, if the incident happened as you described I think it had nothing to do with the announcer's desire to remain PC. Rather, it was from their desire to remain faithful worshipers at the altar of Tiger. To ever speak ill of Woods is to utter blasphemy. It is not permitted and can result in one being excommunicated from the religion of Tiger.