Ross Scheuerman


Jan 7, 2012
After being passed up by Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Philadelphia (disgusting), he's signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.

He seemed to have a good debut in his first preseason game, but I couldn't find exact stats. I was told by someone that the CFL does not keep track of certain stats during Pre-season, but yet I was able to find many others.

See here:

It shows stats. The only stat for Ross though, is on defense, as an "ST", listed at 1. I'm not sure what an ST is?

Anyway, just by reading articles here's what I found:

"Chad Owens, an off-season addition for the Tiger-Cats, caught five passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. CJ Gable, Quinton Pointer and Ross Scheuerman all ran in for Hamilton TD's."


"Ross Scheuerman had back-to-back 23-yard runs through a gaping middle of the Ottawa defence."

I wonder why they didn't list Ross's stats in the Box Score. :/

Seems to be doing well. Sad that no NFL team was intelligent enough to keep him. :rolleyes:

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
I was channel surfing last week and watched the beginning of the Hamilton game, it was their opening game and I can't even remember who the opponent was now, maybe Toronto.

When they showed the starting lineups for both teams, most of the names were unfamiliar -- except that Hamilton started Andy Fanutz, Luke Tasker and Chad Owens at WR. Fanutz was on the fringes of the NFL a few years back; Tasker is the son of Steve, the template for the earnest White Special Teams Demon/team mascot who is now a caste-cuck color commentator for CBS's NFL broadcasts; and Owens is a White/Poly mix who was with Jacksonville for a few years. The CFL always seems to have quality White receivers who could play in the NFL if given an opportunity but I have no sympathy for Steve Tasker over his son being screwed since Steve always was and still is a great example of the Stockholm Syndrome in action. If he had a pair and had stood up for himself and his boy, Luke might be a starting slot receiver in the NFL instead of languishing in the CFL.

Didn't see Scheuerman but only watched the beginning of the game. I've never been able to work up an interest in the CFL.


Jun 3, 2016
Hate to say it but he will most likely getting buried by the import/national ratio, as well the CFL is just as bad when it comes to screwing over white wr/running backs in favor of black affletes...The CFL has a good game(not as boring as the NFL) just have too many supposedly superior affletes, more and more they are going to quoatabacks over better rated white quarterbacks. It sickens me to see the deterioration of this league as well.

Rocky B

Jan 1, 2017
I saw that he started a couple games this year.....Trying to get CFL stats suck....
Had good ypc....5-6......
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