Question about FA cup final

Solomon Kane

Jul 3, 2006
I see that the final is Portsmouth versus Cardiff, and I understand the Welshmen are the "underdogs" and are not even in the Premier Division. (Of course, that's what's great about the FA cup--some lowly team can be a "giant killer.")

Do any of our fans know which of these teams is more traditionally British/European? who are the standout stars we should look for? Does Cardiff have a good chance?

I intend to watch this match and want to know who and what to look for. there are a lot of immigrant football fans who hit the sports bars early for these matches as well as for the UEFA final, so I should be able to watch.

BTW, did any of our European posters get a ticket to the FA final or the UEFA final?


Mar 6, 2007
Outside North America
Well Portsmouth are the darkest team in the Premiership. Harry Redknapp their manager seems to be the English version of Jack Del Rio although to be fair he's done a good job (I don't believe the caste system is here in England although I do get the feeling Harry has picked players by using the race card). Portmouth normally start only 3 white players in Hreidarsson, Kranjcar (their best player) and Baros. I'm a big fan of David James their goalkeeper who is mixed race and Defoe up front. Most of their other players are African. They havent used promising young English forward David Nugent correctly (they normally throw him on with only 5 mins to go), Gary O'Niel has been frozen out and Matty Taylor was sold for no reason?

Cardiff are a mid table championship side (division below the premiership). So looking at it that way they don't really have a chance, although I'd like to think so especially as it's the FA Cup 'where anything can happen'. They only start one black player in Hasselbaink who is a veteren Dutch striker who again I actually like because he is a good footballer and a top bloke aswell with a good sense of humour which is good to see.

I'm very much looking forward to the Champions League final and the UEFA Cup final.The Champions League final between two English teams Manchester United and Chelsea will be one hell of a battle and both normally start around 5 British players which is very good in this day and age, more so Manchester United. Glasgow Rangers in the UEFA Cup is also good because they normally start a majority British team as Scottish football is once again producing top quality players and it showed as the national team beat France home and away 1-0 in the Euro qualifiers in which they stupidly lost to small teams like Lithuania. Zenit st.Petersburg are a very strong team and fast on the counter attack, I've been very impressed by them. Arshavin and Shirokov are two Russian players who have been very impressive and also Pogrebnyak but he was booked in the last game so he will miss the final.Edited by: Angelcynn
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