Post Covaids, Post Ukrainia-Russia Cycle, Cyber Attack Incoming?


Feb 23, 2013
New York
For the past twenty years we were warned in many ways, both implicitly and explicitly, by the highest order of international organized criminals, that they were going to execute a plandemic. And they did it. We have been warned and shown for the past ten years that the Russian Federation will not tolerate standing armies on its front door step: Chechnia, Georgia, recently Kazakstan, and now the very predictable Ukrania. And they did it. Now, we are being told that a world-wide cyber attack is being planned. I don't know if it can be executed for any length of time without collusion with operatives in the targeted countries, but we should expect this to happen in regions nevertheless. Have physical resources and a getaway place to go. Land is still cheap all over this country. Buy it while you can. Those apocalypse movies are not just predictive programming.