PNC Championship

Carolina Speed

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Feb 13, 2011
Thanks Don for posting the story of Bobby Jones. A true southern gentleman.
Don't know if anyone watched this, The PNC Championship teaming father and son combinations. I tried to catch some of it wanting to see the Thomas's, the Cink's, and the Daly's etc., but every time I turned to watch all I saw was The Wood's featuring Tiger and his son Charlie. They were also featured in every commercial promo as well. So, it was basically The Woods Championship.
Anyway, from what I understand Tiger's 13 year old son Charlie carried his father most of the way. Looks like the endless love affair with Tiger will continue through his son.
BTW, Team Daly featuring John and his son John II won by two strokes over The Woods.
1. Team Daly
2. Team Woods
T3 Team Thomas
T3 Team Cink