Phil Mickelson On ESPN Classic

Dec 18, 2004
I never have been a Golf fan, but I thought I would alert members of the Forum to this program. Phil Mickelson will be the subject of an ESPN Sportcentury program. It is on at 7pm and 11pm ET on Monday night.

I am an avid Court TV viewer. From this I learned that Scott Peterson and Phil Mickelson had been on the same Golf team in college for a time. Peterson was sent to Death Row over a week ago.

Don Wassall

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Sep 30, 2004
One "classic" program I can watch over and over again is the one-hour 1986 Masters highlights, which is shown now and then on ESPN Classic and also on The Golf Channel, usually right around this time of year with The Masters fast approaching.

That Masters is one of my very favorite sports memories. The way Jack Nicklaus won it on Sunday, shooting a 30 on the back nineat the age of 46 with the gallery going crazy, was right out of a movie script.

The 2004 Masters was tremendous theater, but the '86 event is still the all-time best one. It was onthe other night and it's still a thrill to watch.


Feb 19, 2005
United States
You guys can have golf I don't like it at all. It is boring to watch on tv and play as well. It doesn't make my heart pump much at all.


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Feb 6, 2005
Don, I 'm not much of a golfer but love watching the Masters. All the trees in my neck of the woods are still bare but the Georgia course looks like the garden of Eden,showing me spring has finally arrived . There is something about the history and tradition of the place that appeals to me. It brings me back to a time in America long since forgotten.

I remember watching Nicklaus, he caught fire and made some incredible putts in what may have been his last hurrah. He really put on one what heck ofa show. The golden bear has aged and his best years are long behind him but I still like to see him play and reminisce about Palmer, Hogan, Player and other old timers.

You know, the more I think about it, his Masters win at the age of 46 may have been one of the last sporting events I truly enjoyed. Much moresatisfying to me than any Super Bowl or World Series.