NWSL (Womens pro soccer league) gets a TV contract


Mar 16, 2013
Just announced the NWSL starting this season will telecast a weekly Saturday game during the 20 game season on the Lifetime network starting in April. Good for them. I know the women generate a lot of buzz during the World Cup and Olympics but over the years have had difficulty sustaining a pro league. This should help. To me there are three main sports for women. Tennis is on top no question. Basketball is next but the WNBA has been tough to follow. Smack in the middle of the summer so as not to interfere with the NBA the whole venture seems half off to me and I am not even sure the league actually makes money? The general idea in basketball is to see the college stars continue on with their careers like the incomparable Breanna Stewart the star from UCONN who won four championships with them and won rookie of the year this past season with Seattle. The college soccer stars don't have that luxury but players on the USA team are pretty well known so I hope it succeeds. I think the spring early summer time slot is better than the WNBA strictly summer timeline.
I'm willing to give it a look. But you can bet your ass it will be the first time I will be watching the Lifetime network. Not my cup of tea to be polite.
With the Premier League and other European games being televised on TV in the USA in my mind soccer will keep on growing in popularity here in the states. It already is a great bar sport for whatever reason but I have noticed that a lot of bars at least where I live get huge crowds during certain soccer matches. And they make a killing during the World Cup.
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