My plan to cure the ills of the Vikings

Jan 5, 2005
United States
Being a long suffering Minnesota Viking fan, I've
decided that Tarvaris Jackson isn't the answer, and
this season is lost because the morons who make
decisions regarding this team put their faith in him.
Now I can only dream of an offseason that puts the
Vikings in a position to compete next year.... So
I've devised the ultimate anti-caste offseason plan to
fix the ills that have dogged this franchise for the
past decade.

Phase #1 Free Agency/Trades:

As my first move I will trade for Matt Jones from
Jacksonville to come in as my #1 Wideout. I figure
Mike Tice is down there and has to have some pet
Viking that he would swap man up, I'm thinking maybe
our bust Troy Williamson or underachieving Defensive
End Kenechi Udeze whom may garner additional
compensation given the caste premium on castefriendly
fat slobs in Jacksonville.

My next move would be to ink Restricted Free Agent
Safety Jim Leonhard from the Bills to come in as my
starter, replacing the assclown Dwight Smith whose now
famous musing following the slaughter in Green Bay
that Football is more important to the fans then the
players should earn him a trip out of town.

Phase #2 Draft:

Now for my ultimate anti-caste Draft...

In the first round I grab Boston College QB Matt Ryan
to step into the starting role, demoting Tarvaris
Jackson to third string with Bollinger or Holcomb
retaining the Backup/Mentor role.

In round two I'm taking Notre Dame TE John Carlson,
who should be the first TE taken, but will
mysteriously fall behind Rucker and Fred Davis for
some unquantifiable reason.

With the first of my third round picks I'm snagging
Craig Steltz from LSU to step into my Strong Safety
slot, replacing the all talk, no production Darren
Sharper. Since the Vikes utilize the Tampa 2, his
Free Safety attributes make him a natural fit.

With the second of my third round picks I'm taking
Ohio State Tackle Kirk Barton to be my primary backup
to LT Bryant McKinnie and RT Ryan Cook. My hope is
that he can eventually step in for the pass blockingly
challenged McKinnie.

In the fourth round I do what experts will call a
"reach", but what I will call a steal in snagging
Kansas State WR Jordy Nelson. I think he will nail
down the #3 WR job behind newly acquired Matt Jones
and second year WR Sydney Rice.

In the fifth round I'm taking Center Kory
Lichtensteiger out of Bowling Green to learn the ropes
from Matt Birk who is starting to get a little long in
the tooth.

I have no sixth round pick due to the inept trade for
Kelly Holcomb.

With the first of my seventh round picks I am taking
West Virginia Fullback Owen Schmitt to replace the no
longer reliable Tony Richardson as my lead blocker for
Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.

With the second of my seventh round picks I am
grabbing Danny Woodhead out of Chadron State to fill
the role of departing Free Agent Mewelde Moore.

This would give me the following starting lineup
headed into the 2008 Season.

QB - Matt Ryan
RB - Adrian Peterson
FB - Owen Schmitt
WR - Matt Jones
WR - Sydney Rice
TE - John Carlson
LT - Bryant McKinnie
RT - Ryan Cook
LG - Steve Hutchinson
RG - Anthony Hererra
C - Matt Birk

LE - Ray Edwards
RE - Brian Robison
UT - Kevin Williams
NT - Pat Williams
SB - Ben Leber
WB - Chad Greenway
MB - E.J. Henderson
RC - Cedric Griffin
LC - Antoine Winfield
SS - Craig Steltz
FS - Jim Leonhard


Hall of Famer
Oct 23, 2005
great stuff, if one third of these things would actually come to pass, Vikings would be a team to follow!


Nov 13, 2007
Very good. I'd still be a little surprised if Steltz was around in the 3rd round. I'd be shocked if Owen Schmitt was around in the 7th round. I've seen him a lot over the last 3 years, and he isjust too big and too explosive of a runner to not be picked up by the 4th round at the latest. But, we all know how the NFL treats white running backs.

Your 2008 upgrades are definitely legit. Matt Ryan is a stud, I see him as clearly the top senior QB in the draft. A Tom Brady type QB, great composure and mental toughness.


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Nov 19, 2006
Ontario Canada
But Reclaimsocal, you have Garrett Mills on the team and he is a Chris Cooley clone. I don't think you need John Carlson. Everything else looks great though, the Vikes would be a team I'd cheer for if they did as you say!


Apr 23, 2005
United States
Dude, Jordy Nelson will NOT be available in the 4th round, when he rips a 4.45 at the combine, he will soar up draft boards and be a late first round pick. Even in the castewhore NFL, just like matt jones, with THAT type of size/speed combo, you dont last past the first round.

Jimmy Chitwood

Hall of Famer
Aug 10, 2005
speed like that often only 'impresses' when the guy possessing it has black skin. like that so-called running back from Arizona who ran a 4.3 at the COmbine last year. i mean, he sucks. but his speed got him the nod, even though he'd done absolutely nothing in college.

meanwhile guys like Derek Abney and Dan Sheldon and Jesse Lumsden who ran fast AND dominated fall to the bottom rounds, if they even get drafted at all.

Tom Crowder, a 6-2, 205-pound speed merchant from Arkansas ran a 4.2 (yes! a 4-f@*king-2) and had a vertical leap near 40 inches for pro scouts at Arkansas' Pro Day a few years ago. he wasn't drafted at all.

in fact, despite being signed as a free agent by the Cowboys, and being acknowledged by Parcells as the fastest man on their training camp roster during two separate years, he never played a snap in a regular season game. he was eventually cut... for not being fast enough.

yeah, my thoughts exactly.
Jan 5, 2005
United States
You have to remember as well, that Whites ALWAYS seem to be timed slower at the combine and then their faster times at their respective Pro-Days are ignored, discoutned or explained away (Fast track, wind-aided, etc). When Whites do excel at the combine (Tim Shaw, Brian Robison) they are deemed workout warriors and then downgraded as well. Its not my opinion that Jordy Nelson will be a 4rth round pick, but its my belief that the Caste system will make it so.


Apr 23, 2005
United States
Well i really think jordy will be the exception, if he runs a sub 4.5 and measures 6'2 ish and 217-220lbs, he has everything going for him, size speed & a big time programm (big12). His draft status should be THE most important status of ANY white player that i can think of. With every other white player, there was always a built in excuse, hass was not blazing fast, same with ball, Lumsden didnt play in a big time conference, etc. But Nelson has ALL the requirements, even for the castewhores in the NFL. If he runs a sub 4.4 (very possible) he is a top 20 pick, if he runs a sub 4.5 (most likely) he will go 20-32. Only if he runs a 4.6 time (no way, not with the way he burned Talib) will he get screwed (but as we all know, lack of speed never hurt the worlds best athletes, eg. dwayne jarret with his high 4.6 time). If that happens, well then i still think he will go on day 1. I will say this, if he runs a sub 4.4 time and does not go in the first round, im done with watching the NFL.