MLB Investigating Alleged Racist Messages To Black Cub Player; he got his feelings hurt

Aug 26, 2011
Land of the Savages
Article also complains not enough blacks in baseball:'

It's taking us backwards': Joe Maddon says racist messages to Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. on Instagram are 'a product of social media'

ajor League Baseball is investigating racist messages sent to Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. on his Instagram account, sources said Tuesday.

The Cubs denounced the messages, which were first reported by The Athletic.

“We were shocked by the racist, profanity-laced social media message sent to Carl Edwards Jr. earlier this month,” President Theo Epstein said in a statement from the Cubs. “We vehemently condemn the content of the message and are supporting Major League Baseball’s investigation to identify the person responsible.

“In a sport that celebrates diversity and unites people from all backgrounds, we are appalled anyone claiming to be a fan would send divisive and bigoted insults to a player. Whether spoken, posted or published, this type of reprehensible language and views cannot be tolerated in our game or society.”

Edwards is pitching for Triple-A Iowa after struggling early in the season. The day before his April 6 demotion, he alluded to criticism he had been receiving, saying: “Everyone wants to put in their input now. If we were winning, you’d hear nothing.”

Speaking before Tuesday night’s game in Miami, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said the messages didn’t surprise him but “you have to believe it’s a vocal minority.”

“It’s a product of social media,” Maddon said, “people looking for acceptance, likes, validation of some sort. Twitter is full of those kind of moments on a daily basis. … You can utilize it in a more positive way. However, there’s always going to be the screw-ups. There’s always going to be that vile group that wants to interfere.”

Maddon said he planned to talk to Edwards.

“It’s a real vocal minority that’s been involved in this,” he said. “And it’s up to us right now to help Carl understand that and know that we’re here for him.”

One day after Jackie Robinson Day, Maddon mentioned how Robinson faced overt racism from the stands and was barred from certain restaurants or restrooms.

“We’ve come a long way, but then again, we’re regressing a bit,” he said. “And this technological method is permitting the regressing, having the ability to throw out these vile comments. … It’s taking us backwards because cowards have this ability to put their mind out there. In the past they had to do it in person.”

According to USA Today, there are only 68 African-American players in the majors, or 7.7 percent of the total, and 11 teams have no more than one.