Matt Giordano

Apr 22, 2005
Sweet INT return vs. Saints ... he was "deceptively fast"!

Another white guy who had to go juco (a white guy who went to Cal ...
doubt it was for academic reasons), despite, per Colts' website, these
prep accomplishments: attended Buchanan High School...had 64 tackles,
three FF and five interceptions as senior...set school records for longest
PR for touchdown, most blocked kicks and most interceptions in single
game...was two-time all-conference first-team choice...was named
Defensive Player-of-the-Year and team's Most Outstanding Player...was
league champion in 400 meters...

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
Madden and Michaels are so oriented to blacks and speed that they probably still don't even know who Giordano is even after all the big plays and tackles he's made using his speed, including in the Super Bowl.

Good thing is, Giordano played most of the second half, and he was making tackles or near the ball quite a bit. He isn't going to supplant Bob Sanders at FS, but he should be playing instead of Antoine Bethea at SS. Sanders gets hurt a lot (has missed 24 games in his three seasons in the league), so maybe Giordano will replace him at some point, but letMatt start he's a star!


All this guy does is make plays and run faster than any other player on the field. Again, I am struck by how the announcers specifically go out of their way to not notice how fast he is.

As with Wariner, his speed is completely ignored on purpose. In their world, Giordano is not fast. That is, if he even registers on their radar.