Marek Zakrzewski 2022 Euro Under 18 Champ & 2023 Euro Under 20 Champion 100 and 200 Meters/10.25 & 20.63

white lightning

Hall of Famer
Oct 16, 2004
For those of you that think a 6.61 when you are barely 18 isn't special, your wrong. Marek Z. is already the 19th fastest 60 meter
time ever run by any Under 20 Sprinter around the world. He is tied with Justin Gatlin at the same age. Faster than Trindon Holiday,
Cameron Burrell, Noah Lyles, Christophe Lemaitre, Ramil Guliyev and countless others. Mark Lewis Francis holds the world record
for the Under 20 60 Meters with a time of 6.51! So Marek Zakrzewski is only a tenth away with the rest of this indoors and all next
year in 2025 indoors to break the record. He just very well may do it! No one should doubt this kids ability!

Here is the All Time World Under 20 60 Meters LIst.