Los Angeles Chargers General Thread

Don Wassall

Staff member
Sep 30, 2004
This looks like the only team without a general thread so might as well get one started.

Will be interesting to see if Jim Harbaugh improves the team demographically as well as on the field. OurLads currently surprisingly lists Morgan Fox and Nick Niemann as defensive starters along of course with the perpetually injured Joey Bosa. They've signed Gus Edwards who's a power back, while trading Keenan Allen and releasing Mike Williams. So they have almost nothing at WR on their roster right now. Justin Herbert can't be happy about that. They've signed Will Dissly and Hayden Hurst at TE, but both are middling talents. The o-line is currently 4/5 sumo, as it's often been in recent years.

We weren't very happy with "Psycho Jim" when he coached the 49ers, though his manic behavior was at least entertaining, culminating in the hard backslap he gave Jim Schwartz after a game against the Lions, which nearly led to a fight. Those white friendly Stanford teams he coached were the result more of that school's academic standards than Jim's doing. And then there's his brother in Baltimore, who always has one of the blackest teams in the league. So I won't get my hopes up, but given the direction the Chargers went last year under beta cuck Brandon Staley they could hardly get worse.

Snow Plow

Dec 11, 2022
Harbaugh has had many white success stories with Michigan such as Hutchinson, McCarthy, McGregor, Schoonmaker, Graham (#1 DT next year), Loveland (#1 TE next year), Zinter, etc. and has recruited a white RB in Cabana, although he may never see the field. It’s not great, but it way better than the other top programs.