Is Irsay really this big of a moron?

Oct 18, 2010
Hey Colts fans,

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said the team still hasn't decided who it will take with the first overall pick in next month's NFL draft.

"It's up in the air," Irsay told USA Today on Monday. "We have to look at this thing completely open-minded.

"You have two outstanding athletes, two great pure passers, two guys from families that are incredible."

In comments Tuesday to NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora, new Colts coach Chuck Pagano echoed his owner's remarks in regard to the Luck-Griffin debate.

"Both of those guys have a great skill set and have NFL arms to make all the throws," said Pagano,

Are you guys actually worried that you may end up with RG3? Personally I think the Colts are just making the usual genuflections towards the sacred Black QB cow, but you know your ownership better than I do.

I hope you won't be too offended if I, as a Redskins fan, hope you make the enormous blunder of drafting RG3.