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Nov 19, 2006
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I am very disappointed in GM Jerry Reese completely regressing on a fairly un-caste draft last year. Reese had drafted an athletic white LB Zac DeOssie last year as well as white TE Kevin Boss who filled in great last year for injured Jeremy Shockey. And white S Craig Dahl surprisingly made the team as an undrafted FA.

Well, this off-season Craig Dahl was cut for salary cap reasons b/c of his torn ACL and it is unknown if he will get another shot. This is despite impressing on the field last year at the beginning of the season before the injury.

And this year, Reese didn't draft a single white player and I am disgusted. And on top of that he only signed 3 white undrafted players and the three were 2 offensive lineman and a punter. This is absolutely disgusting and Reese is going in the direction of becoming the next James Harris. If my Giants turn into the Jacksonville Jaguars, even as die hard of a fan as I have always been, I will no longer support them. Here is the Giant's draft this year:

1 31 (31)Kenny PhillipsFS Miami (FL)
2 32 (63)Terrell ThomasCB USC
3 32 (95)Mario ManninghamWR Michigan
4 24 (123) BryanKehl&nb sp;OLB BYU
5 30 (165) Jonathan GoffILB Vanderbilt
6 32 (198) Andre'WoodsonQB Kentucky
6 33 (199) Robert HendersonDE Southern Miss.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------

Now I am going to play the role of Giants GM. I am pretending I was given the job after Ernie Accorsi retired. I will be evaluating players fairly; of course keeping in mind that there is a caste system that stereotypes and screws over so many white players. The following picks would give me the best value for my draft.

Round 1 (31): WR Jordy Nelson- I draft arguably already the best WR in the draft class who has more upside than any if he can polish his route running skills a bit more. This pick was between Jordy Nelson and Devin Thomas. However, I go with Nelson who has been playing wideout for less time and does everything well, except for the fact that he needs to polish up his fairly average route running a bit. Nelson plays faster than Thomas IMO despite slower timed speed (4.49: 4.4) b/c of his quicks and amazing jukes off the line and in the open field. Nelson has better toughness and better ability to adjust to the ball and has hands of glue. We take Nelson earlier than expected to be groomed to take over next year from the aging Amani Toomer at Flanker, who is one of Manning's favorites, but is slowing down. Jordy will be the perfect Flanker alongside Plaxico who will continue to play Split End. Steve Smith will now be envisioned as the future Slot WR. Sinorice Moss has been disappointing so far and David Tyree, Domenik Hixon and Michael Jennings are nothing more than role players.

Round 2 (32): OLB/ MLB Dan Connor- Another very talented, jaw droopingly productive underrated and stereotyped Penn State LB and he's versatile to boot; enough said.

Round 3 (32): CB Justin King- The Giants take a chance on the talented top Rivals (although I loath their scouting service) recruit at CB out of H.S. He actually started out as a WR at Penn State and then moved to CB. King is a risk b/c he supposedly struggles with immaturity, but has no criminal convictions as far as I could find and has a lot of talent.

Round 4 (24): OT Tony Hillis Jr.- As GM I take the second black in a row. Tony Hillis Jr. was the #1 TE recruit coming out of H.S in 2003, but has become a very athletic OT. Hillis doesn't possess elite strength, but has very quick feet (runs a 4.7-4.8 40), has good agility and always seems to position himself well and is not afraid to get nasty. He is more along the lines of the OTs of old, when finesse was more important than being a Sumo. Hillis struggled with injury problems in college, but when healthy has been a stud. This brings depth to the Giants O-line. Hillis could play backup LT behind David Diehl or Diehl could later be moved to Offensive guard, b/c of his versatility. But if it ain't broke don't fix it, so Diehl will likely stay at LT for the short term anyway.

Round 5 (30): FS Corey Lynch- The Giants take the very underrated and athletic small school product to compete for the starting FS spot. My prediction is that he will impress well enough to win the job by next season.

Round 6A (32): QB Andre Woodson- The Giants take Andre to compete for the number 2 QB spot behind Manning with David Carr. Hey as the Giants GM, I can't stand out as radically pro-white, so I take the top black QB on my board in this draft. I don't want the Marxist media costing me my job by branding me a racist b/c I took 4 white players and 3 black ones in my draft. Oh my God a white majority draft in a 70% white country, this GM must be a KKK member! And BTW Andre Woodson is good value in the 6th round, I had him ranked as a Late 4th/ Early 5th rounder.

Round 6B (33): DE Brian Johnston- The Giants take another very athletic underrated small school white prospect; this time at DE. I believe Johnston runs a sub 4.7 40 yard dash at 6'5 280 lbs.


CB Brad Mueller- A speed demon who I realize as GM was completely screwed out of playing time at Boston College despite being the Associated Presses first team RB and FS in Pennsylvania in H.S. Mueller signed with Boston College who recruited him mostly as a CB, but after never seeing the field he transferred to Div. III. Mueller runs a legit 4.3 flat 40 yard dash. Brad Mueller will have a great shot at taking the very undersized Kevin Dockery's roster spot maybe even CB R.W McQuarters 5th CB spot if he performs. I am expecting him to start out as the 6th CB though. I realized with the caste system that I could get Mueller as a FA which is why I waited.

RB Justin Beaver- With Danny Woodhead recruited hard by the Jets I decide to settle for my second option. Justin Beaver was a very draftable player on my board, I had him ranked as a 6th or 7th rounder, but knew I could court him as a FA. Beaver will likely have to start off as the 5th RB, if I decide to keep 5 RBs and only 1 FB, but will most likely be added to the practice squad. Beaver could also be looked at as a future return man.

WR Todd Blythe- I thought about drafting Blythe in the 6th round instead of Andre Woodson, but didn't want to seem radically pro-white having already drafted one white WR and planning to draft fairly to whites every year. WR like QB, wasn't a huge need. I also knew with the caste system and worries about Blythe's knee which I knew were unfounded that he might still be available as a FA. I was a little surprised, but not shocked that he went undrafted and was shown little interest from other teams compared to me. I whip open a bottle of champagne knowing I have the steal of free agency in Blythe. The Giants become Blythe's choice when I tell him he's got the edge as a player over Domenik Hixon, Sinorice Moss and Michael Jennings. I also tell him it's possible although very unlikely, he could pass David Tyree for the 5th WR spot in his first season. I tell Blythe he will likely move up to 4th WR upon Toomer's retirement and could very well start at Flanker opposite Jordy Nelson upon Plaxico retiring or moving on. I envision Steve Smith playing the Slot for the foreseeable future. I plan on keeping 6 WRs this year if injuries don't kill the idea. Blythe will probably start off as the 6th, until he can prove himself enough to overtake the popular Super Bowl hero David Tyree!

WR Samuel Giguere- I sign the freakishly athletic Samuel Giguere from my homeland Canada. He hasn't played against top competition and he'll likely have to wait a year until someone moves on on the practice squad before getting a shot at a roster spot.

DT Derek Lokey- Another guy as a GM that I am salivating over as a FA. I am completely shocked he wasn't drafted, I envision him as a solid pick for a backup roster spot unless he really disappoints.

OLB/MLB Ben Moffit- This is another talented athletic white LB who produced well in college. Moffit could win a roster spot

RB Steve Korte Jr.- A versatile freak athlete who has run a 4.33 40 yard dash at his Pro Day. Never saw the field in a deep LSU backfield, but I realize looking back at his H.S production and considering what a freak athlete he that he might be worthy of a roster spot. Korte will have to earn his keep by learning FB, H-Back, Backup TE, Backup Tailback etc.

The undrafted FAs of Reese I agree with:
DE Wallace Gilberry, Alabama
FS Nehemiah Warrick, Michigan State
OG Andrew Bain, Miami
DT Josh Muse, Louisiana Tech
P Owen Tolson, Army

I also would have gone after Tre Smith like crazy this off-season promising him a shot at as high as the 3rd RB spot this season if he earns it and a chance to return punts and kicks.

Jordy Nelson is almost a shoe in to become the starting Flanker next season b/c of his unreal talent unless he really disappoints. Corey Lynch has a good shot at starting at FS next season and Tre Smith could very well pass Ahmad Bradshaw for the complementary scat back role next season. "Black Power Rivals" and the cultural Marxists will be screaming for my head next season for my fairness to white skill players. Here are my final roster predictions as GM for the start of this season; of course they will be performance depending:

QB: 1. Eli Manning 2. David Carr 3. Andre Woodson
HB: 1. Brandon Jacobs 2. Ahmad Bradshaw 3. Tre Smith 4. Derrick Ward
FB: 1. Madison Hedgecock 2. Steve Korte
WR: 1. Plaxico Burress. 2. Amani Toomer 3. Steve Smith 4. Jordy Nelson 5. David Tyree 6. Todd Blythe
TE: 1. Jeremy Shockey 2. Kevin Boss
OT: 1. David Diehl 2. Kareem McKenzie 3. Guy Whimper 4. Tony Hillis Jr.
OG: 1. Chris Snee 2. Rich Seubert 3. Kevin Boothe
C:1.Shaun O'Hara 2. Grey Ruegamer

DE: 1. Michael Strahan 2. Osi Umenyiora 3. Justin Tuck 4. Brian Johnston
DT: 1. Fred Robbins 2. Barry Cofield 3. Derek Lokey 4. Jay Alford
SLB:1. Mathias Kiwanuka 2. Zac DeOssie
MLB: 1. Antonio Pierce 2. Ben Moffitt
WLB: 1. Dan Connor 2. Gerris Wilkinson 3. Danny Clark
SS: 1. James Butler 3. Michael Johnson
FS: 1. Sammy Knight 2. Corey Lynch
CB: 1. Aaron Ross 2. Sam Madison 3. Corey Webster 4. Justin King 5. R.W McQuarters 6. Brad Mueller

K: Lawrence Tynes
P: Jeff Feagles
H: Jeff Feagles
LS: Zac DeOssie
KR: 1. Ahmad Bradshaw 2. Tre Smith
PR: 1. Tre Smith 2. R.W McQuarters

Practice Squad: WR Samuel Giguere, WR Aaron Fairooz, WR Domenik Hixon, RB Justin Beaver, TE Michael Matthews, T Adam Koets, DE Wallace Gilberry, CB Kevin Dockery
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

Now even with me being a white friendly GM for two seasons in a row, this would only leave me with 23 white players on the roster for next season. It would probably slip under the radar of the cultural Marxists like wacko "Black Power" Rivals.com and their evil Yahoo partners and caste whores ESPN. I would at least be safe until next season when I may push into the white majority range which would shock our far white majority, but white emasculated culture. I would be branded a racist for just being fair.

Currently I would rank up there with the Colts as the whitest in the league, but not significantly whiter than several other teams. So this is completely disgusting what Jerry Reese is doing to the Giants. I think we will be looking at a roster with a mere 14 whites or so on it for next season and they will all but a couple be O-line, QB or Kickers.

This is slowly creeping into the very caste range. It looks as though only two new white players will have made the team in the last 2 seasons, while hoards of new blacks have swept onto the roster. I mean if you are going to sign Andre Woodson, a black QB, when he isn't really needed (maybe it makes Reese feel righteous or something) and sign a troubled WR in Manningham; then why couldn't Reese bring in at least a couple whites at athletic positions who have proved their worth and are high character guys? He brought in no whites other than two o-lineman and a punter as undrafted FAs.

Is Reese anti-white or is he simply a sheep who believes the lie that whites have no football skills? Reese learned under George Young who was "more" white friendly and then Ernie Accorsi who was less white friendly. Will Reese be even less white friendly than Ernie? This question will be answered pretty soon for me when I look at the Giants final roster numbers this season and compare them to rosters from the Accorsi era.Edited by: ToughJ.Riggins


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Oct 3, 2008
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Great Post. I've been following the site for awhile and figured it was time to get in on the action. As a big Giants fan I've been following GM Jerry Reese to see how will the only black GM treat white players and figured that would be an interesting first post. Well you did steal my thunder with this excellent, in-depth post, but I'll add a little thought as well. Btw, your NY Giants would be a joy to watch!!! Too bad its only on paper.

In Reese's 2007 draft he nabbed 3 of 8 white players (38% which would make the giants a white friendly team if he continued that ratio year after year) plus Craig Dahl and later in the season DE Dave Tollefson, were added to the roster. Tollefson was inexcusably cut by the white hating Raiders who year after year have a terrible pass rush. After this season I thought Reese was a "Tony Dungy-esque" black GM who be fair to deserving white athletes. I definitely give a passing mark for 07.

08 is another story. 7 blacks picks, only 2 (Phillips and Kehl) have seen the field in season. The other 5 either cut or hurt. Stuart Schweigert cut. DT Rodney Leslie cut for former 1st round bust Jerome Mcdougle (who now takes playing time from the more deserving Tollefson). This season Reese is shaping up into the Mike Tomlin of GMs.

To try to answer you question TJR, 09 is Reese's make or break year IMO. The Giants could use a talented white TE or 2 to back up Kevin Boss. A real QB to develop behind Manning
. Depth on the O line and some more tough white men on defense. Will he do these things? Reese showed some promise by taking athletic white players from small schools like Boss and Dahl. I feel he is in the rare position where he could improve the team by adding deserving whites passed over by other teams and not be scrutinized. Lets hope for the best in 09.