"I just bought OJ's gloves...Now all I need is a white girl named Nicole"


Jul 6, 2011
The Canadian Football League finally makes news in the USA.

Nik Lewis, a former Southern Arkansas University All-American now playing for the Calgary Stampeders, has been fined for a comment he made on Twitter. It went like this: I just bought OJ’s gloves on eBay. Now all I need is a white girl named Nicole.

“I try to use my comedic rights and I guess I went a little too far,†said Lewis. “The people that know me, know I try to be funny all the time and don’t mean any malice, any harm to anybody.â€

When pressed about any bit of remorse, however, the 30-year-old was focused on his bottom line.

“I regret getting money taken out of my pocket,†Lewis continued. “I regret saying it, but I can’t take it back.â€

I guess grovelling apologies are only for whites.

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