how good is Peter, the great black hope?


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Jun 3, 2007
whiteathlete33 said:
I looked at the heavyweight rankings on boxrec. There are still many "bruvas" in the top 50. I count 25 blacks or so in the top 50. I wasn't sure on a few guys so I may be one or two off. There are a few hispanics and 1 or 2 Polynesians. I count 20 whites in the top 50.

Boxrec does some computer generated ranking that usually does not make sense. If you look at the ratings you will see that whites comprise 11 of the top 16 heavyweights. Blacks have 4 and there is one Hispanic (Arreola).

A year from now there could be zero black heavyweights in the top 10. Peter and Gomez both just lost. Haye is about to get cranked and Holyfield is 46.

Black heavyweights are as big a joke as black QBs.