Sep 27, 2004
The purpose of Caste Football is to root for White athletes and to see that they receive their due in American society and that they participate in athletic endeavors on a level playing field. We reject the institutionalized discrimination that exists against White athletes in sports, and the belittling and negative stereotyping of White athletes that exists in the media.

We hope you enjoy Caste Football and participate on our discussion board. However, all posters must meet Caste Football's guidelines, which include:

Keep discussion civil and productive:

* No profanity.
* No personal flames.
* No racial or ethnic slurs or attacks on White nationalities, and no religious slurs. An honest dialogue about sports and race by definition will include negative observations about an individual or race, but if your objective is simply to attack a group of people go elsewhere.
* No spamming or using this discussion board to promote other organizations. Don't post unless you have something relevant to say.
* Make an effort to use proper spelling, grammar and capitalization (no ALL-CAPS posts).
* Post only to appropriate forums.
* Post only under one user name. Anyone with "multiple personalities" will have all their accounts deleted.
* No trolls! Caste Football and its discussion board is for the use and enjoyment of Caste Football supporters only.
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